About Align

We’re a cloud-based strategic management software that aligns companies and their people on their journey to success. Our suite of priority planning, execution and performance tools instill the daily habits used by the most effective organizations. We’re driven to deliver transparency and alignment across our customers’ entire company, to create happy teams that reach their goals!

Founded in 2012, Align has grown organically through strong partnerships and customer relationships. We have nearly 800 companies and 8,000 users across all industries, in more than 64 countries. This year, we raised $2.175 Million in order to meet our aggressive goals and we’re invested in expanding our incredible team.

Front-end Developer

As a front-end developer, you will be responsible for developing the user interface of Align’s web and mobile applications connected to a rich set of web services. You will work closely with the Product team and a UI/UX Designer to understand requirements, contribute to application design and then develop a beautiful and functional application from the designs.

The ideal candidate has a passion to build compelling applications across different devices that people enjoy using.  You want to “do the right thing” for yourself, your team and your customers.  Just identifying problems, isn’t enough for you, you present solutions too.  You also like to learn and grow with the team, sharing what you’ve learned and learning from others.  You want to be a contributing member of the team that discovers, through discussion and experimentation, how to build the best Align applications.


  • Develop the user interface for Align’s applications
  • Work with the Product team and UI/UX designers to design the user interfaces that you will build
  • Research new user interfaces and user interface frameworks and make recommendations for new applications
  • Mentor other developers to build their UI skills and to make them better developers
  • Build unit tests for all application functionality
  • Be accountable to your commitments


  • Strong web development skills including HTML, CSS and JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • Proven ability to deliver responsive web applications across multiple browsers and multiple devices including desktops, tablets and phones
  • Demonstrated ability to translate high-level requirements into development plans and execute on those plans
  • At least 3 years of professional software development with at least 2 of those years of professional web development experience
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a team
  • A sincere sense of product ownership

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of and experience with Agile software development methodologies
  • Experience with one or more front end UI frameworks like Angular or React
  • Experience with instrumentation frameworks that are used to monitor application usage and performance
  • Experience developing mobile applications for iOS and Android either as native applications or using a cross-development platform like ReactNative, NativeScript, Xamarin or Flutter.
  • Commercial software product development experience
  • A desire to design and build new user experiences across different user interfaces, including chat, voice and augmented reality

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