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Paperless Plan

The One Page Plan Tool allows you to enter in your company’s critical information for success and Align the team with the vision of leadership.

Company Wide Priorities

The Priorities view allows you to effortlessly track and analyze your teams progress throughout the quarter, while providing transparency and promoting accountability throughout the organization.

Daily Huddles

The Daily Huddle feature in Align provides the perfect platform for your team to communicate important information on a daily basis. Teams can quickly and easily provide updates: What's Up, KPI updates, Stucks, and their Top Priority for the day. Organizations can create and manage multiple huddles all in one simple to use solution.

Company Wide eNPS

Employee Net Promotor Score is designed to measure and track employee satisfaction and loyalty. Align’s eNPS system does this by allowing you to ask your employees a variety of questions, rated on a 1-10 scale, that focus on the same main theme: “How likely are your employees to refer your company as a place of employment to a friend/associate”.

Convenient Location

Our simple to use One Page Plan keeps up (quarter after quarter) with all your details across the entire organization in one convenient location. It also features simple editing functionality and customization, so this data doesn’t get stale.

Company Wide Alignment

All team members create priorities with the big picture of the future in mind. Aligning to the future outcomes an organization desires.

No More Paper!

Completely defined - core purpose - core values - longer-term goals - annual goals. All in one place for you and the organization to interact with without having to update multiple documents in multiple places.

Effortlessly Track Progress

Keep track of your team’s progress with the click of a button. Choose between KPI Driven, Rollup and Task Driven priorities to measure progress in real time, and all in one place.

Total Transparency

Line of sight to what is most important is the best way to ensure execution of your goals. Align provides clear visibility and transparency throughout the organization. Visibility into reds yellows and greens.

Know if You're Aligned

See top-level company priorities and overall alignment of individual priorities. Know in an instant what everyone is working on, and if that work aligns to what the company is focused on achieving.

Simplified Structure

This feature takes care of all the details and moderation, which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of the huddle itself. Preparation for Huddle is never again an issue.

Accountability Alignment

With the Daily Huddle, you will always have visibility and insight into the group’s priorities. Participation creates alignment; everyone knows what’s going on and who is accountable. Teams who are held accountable are more likely to take action on priorities.

Aggregated Data

Huddle information is aggregated into simple to use reports, which can be run to evaluate status at any time.

Don’t get left in the dark

The eNPS poll provides invaluable insight into the heartbeat of the organization. Team member’s feedback, paired with a system to manage it ranked as one of the highest rated benefits by teams and executives.

Anonymous Feedback

Know what’s working, and what’s not. Once you know you can act to remove obstacles and take advantage of opportunities that improve the environment and the organization overall.

Track Improvements

With Align, you have the ability to track eNPS scores over a period of time. Measure satisfaction, take action and watch the scores improve over time. The only reason to measure is to improve.

Align Takes the Micro Out of Management

  • Execute rather than paper-file strategic plans and growth strategies.
  • Cut down on internal email and messaging as well as meetings.
  • Keep everyone informed in real time and problem solve collectively.
  • Monitor and reward performance and initiative.
  • Measure and share the results of your fiscal and employee productivity.

Centralized Information

Align is the only centralized, easy-to-manage system on the market that gives you a feel for how the company as a whole is progressing. Through Align, all information is centralized so that all the information you need is only a click away. Our automated reports can now give you an unprecedented level of insight about how aligned you are as a company.


These quick daily standup meetings of no more than 15 minutes ensure focus and alignment remains throughout the company and immediately identify problems before becoming unmanageable.

Business Management Methodologies

Align is based around proven business management methodologies, creating focus and alignment throughout an organization by having a select few priorities that an organization is working to achieve during any given time period. This ensures the entire weight of the organization is moving in the same direction, and is much more likely to accomplish big-picture priorities.

Explore all of Align's Amazing Features

4D Summary

One Page document that communicates key aspects of the company’s vision to your team, and keeps individual KPI’s visible.


Set up a series of Alerts that send you a quick reminder if you have failed to fill in your Daily Huddle, Weekly Huddle, haven’t completed your Top Priority or if your quarterly priorities fall behind schedule.

Alignment Checklist

Track your team’s progress in implementing performance enhancing habits.


Announcements are a way for administrators within your Align account to communicate important information with the team, all at one time.

Cash Acceleration

The Cash Acceleration Strategies tool provides teams a place to brainstorm ways to improve their cash conversion cycles.

Company Suggestions

Suggestions for My Company allows you to anonymously submit suggestions your team’s Align administrators. Think of it as a virtual suggestion box.


DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Your personal DiSC assessment can be displayed right on your individual profile, making it easy for team members to access.


Easily measure and track employee satisfaction and loyalty, by asking a series of questions about their overall happiness in the workplace.


These tools allow you to ensure you have the right people performing the right actions, at the right time.


Manage, prepare and execute your Daily & Weekly huddles directly in this software.

Individual and Company Dashboards

Customizable dashboards ensure that you are seeing the most vital information that will continue to move your company forward.

KPI Listing

Define your own key performance indicators, and assign them to your goals.

Manage Stucks

Stucks are a way to quickly notify someone on your team that you need their help to move something forward.

One Page Plan

The one page plan allows you to enter in your company’s critical information for success and give access to everyone in your company to help stay aligned.

Personal Opp

Use the Personal One Page Plan to plan out aspects of your personal life.

Persons of Interest

Persons of Interests allow you to easily see how selected team members throughout your organization are progressing with their priorities.


Use Align to send simple surveys to collect all types of information from your team.

Power of One

Track the 7 main financial levers to help improve cash flow and returns.

Priority Management

Enter, track and analyze your progress on the priorities that are most important to moving your business forward.


Learn important information about your team members by viewing their unique individual profile.


The reports feature allows you to pull information from your account in multiple easy to read formats.

Task Management

Use the Task tool to keep track of both daily to-dos, and tasks that are directly related to quarterly priorities.

Top Priority Calendar

Ensure you are making progress on your priorities each day by using the Top Priority process.

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