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Managing a More Efficient, Happier Team with Align

Creating Focus on the Right Things The role of a manager is changing with newly available technology. The amount of time required to track down updates from your team has been reduced by improved transparency from increased data. However, with […]

How To Accomplish More While Saving Time with Align

This is the second post in a series on how everyone in your organization can use Align. Check out our first post, 5 Keys to Managing Up: How to Gain Recognition and Get Promoted Faster. Work Smarter, Not Harder These […]

7 Keys to Effective and Empowering 1-on-1’s for Managers

With our work and home lives in constant flux these days, one pillar of management has become especially important: the regular 1-on-1 with direct reports.  Keeping your team productive and focused on what matters, especially while working from home, means […]