Sales Associate – Part Time

The Part Time Inbound Sales Associate’s main responsibility is to set qualified meetings for Sales Advisors. 

The Sales Associate will work leads in the sales queue, qualify those leads, set meetings,  and work with the Sales Advisors to improve sequences and contact rates for inbound leads. As part of working the leads, the Sales Associate is responsible for research on each prospect and company ensuring the contact information is accurate and notes/discovery are noted in Salesforce. 

In addition to working sequences, the Sales Associate will answer the sales chat and make every effort to call inbound demo requests within 2 minutes of the request coming into Salesforce. 

In the extra time, the Sales Associate will put prospects in the re-engage sequence and work those sequences with a target of 5 re-engagements per day. 


  • Great verbal and written communication skills.  This role requires you to regularly speak with CEOs and Executives and therefore the candidate must be clear and concise in their communication. 
  • High level of proficiency with technology including Zoom, Google Mail, and LinkedIn. Proficiency in Salesforce and are a plus. 
  • Curiosity to learn about SaaS business and sales plus business methodologies. 

What is Success? Increasing the conversion of inbound leads to 40%. 

Hours: This position will have split hours to make the most of our international timezones.  Ideally the Sales Associate will work Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM CST and on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 PM to 7 PM CST.

About Align

Align is a growth management software for companies and their teams. We provide tools to plan and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things. Our suite of priority planning, execution and performance tools instill the daily habits used by the most effective organizations. We’re driven to deliver transparency and alignment across our customers’ entire company, to create happy teams that reach their goals!

Nearly 1000 companies and 10,000 users across all industries, in more than 64 countries use Align. We have big plans for our product and are looking for motivated people that want to help build something great!