Product Manager

At Align, we focus on aligning companies and people on their journey to success. It’s our core purpose. It’s why we are here and do what we do. We have web and mobile applications that help companies and people plan, set goals and execute daily to achieve those goals. We are continuously improving our products to better serve our customers. The Product Manager is key to discovering and documenting those improvements, prioritizing them based on feedback from stakeholders and then working with the Tech team to get them developed and released in a timely manner with high quality.

Align has a set of core values that we use daily in the operation. They determine how we work:

  • Do the Right Thing by choosing to do what’s right vs. what’s convenient, assuming the good intention of others and honoring your commitments.
  • Exceed Expectations by challenging yourself, delighting your customers and delivering the best experiences.
  • Get S#!+ Done. The Right S#!+.  Have a bias for action, fail fast and learn faster.
  • We Actively Solve Problems by empowering everyone, by being creative and by proposing solutions.
  • Grow as a Team. Learn from wins and from losses. Be curious. Help Others…Ask, Learn, Share and celebrate wins together.

Do Align’s Core Purpose and Core Values resonate with you? If you’d like to work with a team that thinks and acts based on what you’ve read, Align may be a good fit for you and you may be a good fit for Align.

Product Manager:

As the Product Manager at Align, you own the product vision, roadmap and product positioning. You report to the Chief Technology Officer, who is the head of the Product and Tech team at Align. You will research the market and current customers to update the roadmap and product positioning to keep it current. You will communicate and advocate for the product both within Align and to our customers. This includes Product Marketing, which you will own and will require close coordination with the Marketing team. Based on the roadmap, you will develop requirements for application features and work closely with the Tech team to help design, implement and verify that those features achieve the goals set out in the product roadmap and vision. You will gather feedback based on what has been delivered and what has changed in the market to identify opportunities.


  • Own the product vision, product roadmap, and product positioning
  • Gather data to develop ideas for new features including curating ideas and deciding which ones are worth building
  • Analyze market and competition data to create products and features to meet the needs of Align’s customers
  • Communicate product vision to the Sales, Customer Success and Marketing teams to get buy-in and obtain market share for the product
  • Create product requirements for the Tech and Customer Success teams to bring new features and products to market or to enhance existing features, balancing the needs of customers and the limitations defined by stakeholders
  • Work with designers on requirements, mockups and user validation on potential features
  • Own User Acceptance Testing within Align to identify issues, fix them and to make necessary improvements
  • Gather customer feedback to further improve the product, including Beta testing of key features
  • Own product marketing activities around new feature and product launches: release notes, internal and external training materials, and social media announcements for new features
  • Coordinate with respective teams regarding product launch
  • Track product performance and identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement
  • Be accountable to your commitments

Desired Skills

  • Customer empathy: you will be talking to users often to understand their pain points and workflows. You should be comfortable receiving both negative and positive feedback, asking follow-up questions, and discovering the core of how Align products can help improve their teams.
  • Strategic thinking: we have a million potential features, but only the resources to build a few. We need you to take all the great ideas in our backlog, find the gems, and evangelize their value. You’ll have to be comfortable saying “No” a lot, in a way that is respectful and productive to the overall creative process.
  • Analytical skills: you should have experience collecting user data from various sources (analytics tools, interviews, surveys, etc.) and synthesizing the data to find opportunities to improve the product.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with both non-technical and technical people. On any given day, you’ll be interviewing users, demoing a new feature to the Align team, or helping respond to a prospect’s question.
  • Meeting facilitation: brainstorming and ideation sessions is where you should shine. Our ideal product manager is one who can harness the creative energy in the room to produce great ideas, while keeping the group focused on strategic goals.

Currently, Align is largely remote with hybrid work in our New Orleans office where most of the team resides. We encourage the team to get together in the office frequently but most time is spent remote. New Orleans and Louisiana residents are preferred but we will consider people in other locations. For remote team members, travel to New Orleans at least once per quarter will be required.