UI Developer

At Align, we focus on aligning companies and people on their journey to success. That’s why we’re here.  On the tech team, our contributions come from designing, building and maintaining Align’s web and mobile applications that help companies and people plan, set goals and execute daily to achieve those goals. The ideal candidate has a passion to build compelling applications across different devices that people enjoy using.

Today, Align’s applications are built using HTML, CSS, Typescript/JavaScript on the front end with Microsoft .NET (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server on the back end.  As a user interface (UI) or front-end developer, you will be responsible for developing the user interface of Align’s web and mobile applications connected to a rich set of web services. You will work closely with the Product team and a UI/UX Designer to understand requirements, contribute to application design and then develop a beautiful and functional application from the designs. You should have deep experience with HTML, CSS and Typescript/Javascript. Experience with one or more front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular or React is a plus.

Align has a set of core values that we use daily in the operation of the business. These core values help us make decisions every day:

  • Do the Right Thing by choosing to do what’s right vs. what’s convenient, assuming the good intention of others and honoring your commitments.
  • Exceed Expectations by challenging yourself, delighting your customers and delivering the best experiences.
  • Get S#!+ Done. The Right S#!+.  Have a bias for action, fail fast and learn faster.
  • We Actively Solve Problems by empowering everyone, by being creative and by proposing solutions.
  • Grow as a Team. Learn from wins and from losses. Be curious. Help Others…Ask, Learn, Share and celebrate wins together.

Have we captured your interest? Do Align’s Core Purpose and Core Values resonate with you? Would you like to work with a team that thinks and acts based on what you’ve read? If so, Align may be a good fit for you and you may be a good fit for Align. You’ll find more information about the position below.

UI Developer:

As a UI developer, you are responsible for developing and maintaining the user interface on Align’s web and mobile applications. You will work closely with Align’s Product Manager and UI/UX Designer to understand requirements, contribute to application design, translate those designs into development plans and then execute the plan through deployment. You have a passion to build applications across different devices that users want to use because those applications are both effective and compelling. You want to be a contributing member of the team that discovers, through discussion and experimentation, how to build applications that deliver value and great experiences to users.


  • Develop the user interface (and user experience) for Align’s applications
  • Work with the Product team and UI/UX designers to design the user interfaces that you will build
  • Build and maintain unit tests for all application functionality
  • Collaborate with other developers to build and maintain application features
  • Contribute to Align’s culture of growth by participating in learning sessions as both a student and a teacher
  • Research new user interfaces and frameworks and make recommendations for new applications
  • Be accountable to your commitments

Desired Skills

  • Proven UI development skills and experience on web and mobile applications. You should be able to talk in detail about the applications you have built. Preference will be given to HTML, CSS, Typescript/JavaScript experience and mobile UI experience.
  • Proven ability to deliver responsive web applications across multiple browsers and multiple devices including desktops, tablets and phones
  • Demonstrated ability to translate high-level requirements into development plans and execute on those plans
  • At least 3 years of professional software development with at least 2 of those years of professional web development experience
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a team

Currently, Align is 100% remote. We intend to re-open our office in New Orleans when it is safe to do so. At that time, we expect to have a hybrid environment with some time spent in the office working with others on the Tech and Product team and some time working remote. New Orleans and Louisiana residents are preferred but we will consider people in other locations. When it is safe to do so, travel to New Orleans at least once per quarter will be required.