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As a coach, you can't always be present with your clients. With Align, you can.

Do your clients have strategic priorities that are "must get done"? Does your clients' entire team have clear visibility to priorities and progress towards them? Do the leaders know, qualitatively, how aligned the priorities of everyone are with the company's priorities? Do your clients have the ability to see, in real time, the adoption rate of what you are coaching them to do? Align will help your clients grow their businesses with priority management and team engagement!

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Align has many benefits to you, the coach:

  • Based on our experiences, you can increase the number of clients you coach by as much as 40%*
  • Speed up your clients' implementation of the Rockefeller Habits by as much as 30%*
  • Participate in your clients' Daily Huddles without having to physicially be there
  • Know what's happening in real time so you can coach in real time
  • Be the coach in the room without having to be there. Align Serves this additional accountability function.
  • With the coaches corner get a snap shot of all your clients and high level view of progress
  • Be different, be on the leading edge and coach using technology that shows you are up to date
  • With our revenue sharing program, receive 10% commision on all your client's subscription fees.

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Align handles a lot of data. Starting from scratch can feel like looking at an empty beach to find the best spot to build your sand castle. A sandbox is a fully-populated account, ready for you to tinker and play around with, giving you a picture of what your account should look like when it’s complete.

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