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Stunning Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to manage all your daily tasks while also keeping track of your priorities. You can enter in your top priority for the day, keep a handle on peers or other persons of interest, and manage your short term priorities while also having a visual summary of your priority progress.

Quickly View Team Progress

Our 'Persons of Interest' module shows a combined overview of all priorities for a quick view report on the team members that you may manage or just need to know where everyone is at a glance.

Manage Your Short Term Priorities

Shows your short term priorities that align with your top priorities for the quarter - these all have an assigned date of completion and you can add, delete, and mark them as complete right from the dashboard.

Your Priorities Overview

Shows your priorities for the quarter and gives you a green, yellow, or red bullet and progress bar based on the KPIs for each priority.

Easily Update Your Daily Priority

Easily update your Top Priority for the Day with a checkbox to track whether or not it gets done.

We love Rockefeller Habits, but hated managing it with Word and Excel. Align proved to be the perfect tool and has dramatically improved the effectiveness of the methodology.

Amith Nagarajan // CEO at Aptify

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