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Task Management

The task sheet is made up of tasks that normally align to priorities to help keep you on track. These tasks are normally short term and help your break big goals into smaller chunks to keep them manageable and attainable.

Keep Track of Tasks

Complete management of smaller tasks that Align with bigger quarterly Priorities with due dates and ability to move them forward in review if needed.

Easily Add New Tasks

Easy to use interface to add new tasks quickly and manage existing tasks.

Stay on Top of Priorities

Create bite sized top tasks aligned to quarterly goals to help you tackle big priorities.

View From Anywhere

View your top tasks on your dashboard or the tasks page for easy access. Lets you define and update your tasks quickly and easily.

Daily Huddle Integration

View your top task progress in your daily huddle so you can easily report and share your accomplishments with your group.

Implementation of new processes in any business is difficult - align speeds this up by almost 30% and keeps everyone engaged along the path.

Andy Bailey // Petra Coach

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