Keep your team Aligned

  • Manage People

    Ensure your teams are engaged and the right people are in the right seats. Use FACe, PACe and Priorities to create accountability and processes that move the business forward.

  • Manage Strategy

    Use Align’s strategic planning tools so everyone from the frontline employee to the executive team knows the company’s vision. Take a Think, Plan, Learn and Act approach to strategic planning.

  • Manage Execution

    Create repeatable processes and make strategic plans actionable. Use Priorities, KPIs and Critical Numbers to evaluate progress against goals for the period.

  • Manage Cash

  • Cash is critical to fueling growth. Align features cash management tools like The Power of One and Cash Acceleration Strategies for scaling businesses to calculate impact on cash and manage strategies to increase cashflow.

Scaling Up with Align

If you’re implementing the Rockefeller Habits or Scaling Up system in your business, Align can help. The software is specifically built to manage tactics featured in Verne Harnish’s books: Huddles, Priorities, One Page Plan tools, Critical Numbers and KPIs.

Scale your business free for 21 days. Use promo code ScaleUp. Start using the full functionality of Align and invite unlimited team members. No credit card required.

Are you a business coach? Align is always free for business coaches

Hands down, the best way to get your whole team energized and in-sync around your company's goals.

Verne Harnish
CEO Gazelles

Align's Scaling Up Tools

  • Daily & Weekly Huddles

  • Priority Tracking

  • Critical Numbers

Run more effective daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly huddles with your teams. Getting in the habit of regular, action-oriented meetings is proven to resolve key issues and move your team closer to the #1 priority.

See how individuals contribute to the success of the company Priorities: Cascade priorities from the top down so everyone can see how their progress moves the needle for the overarching company priorities. Use data to evaluate what works Reporting: Data is changing the way we look at performance management. Align gives you unique data sets to really analyze how the company is doing.

Know how your team is performing in real-time with measurable priority tracking. Update KPIs, manage tasks and see how individual priorities align with overarching company goals.

Keep Critical Numbers top of mind. Simple visuals give you quick insights into how your company is progressing against the metrics that matter most.


How Align Helps you Scale

Scaling Up focuses on the four major decisions businesses need to prioritize for growth: PeopleStrategyExecution, and Cash. Align gives you framework to execute the tactics taught in the book. With pre-formatted templates for One Page Plan tools, the Rockefeller Habits Checklist, Functional Accountability Charts, and Huddles, you give your team a consistent and transparent workspace as you scale.

You’ll see faster adoption and progress sooner when using a software to scale. On average, companies see a 10% increase in priorities completed after three months using Align.

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