Dealing with Disruption using the Align tools

At this time of unprecedented disruption, it is more critical than ever to get into a consistent communication rhythm with your teams, create accountability and focus with achievable milestones, and even create a short “disruption” period in Align. See below for some of the ways you can use your Align account during this difficult time.

As a current Align customer, you have access to the full Align Academy for additional handouts, presentations, and resources on the full suite of Align tools. We also have a blog, webinars, and downloads on our Align site to help with your disruption management plus growth management, strategic planning, and more!

You can always reach out to your advisor for help – contact them directly at or 1-888-315-4049.

Increase daily communication with full team Huddles

Right now, most businesses are changing their standard processes, shifting their work environments, and dealing with out of the ordinary circumstances.

Now is the time to roll out Daily Huddles.  Daily huddles ensure consistent communication flows through the organization that allows your team to function efficiently and effectively.

Many people are switching to remote work which is a hard transition. It is easy for messaging to get lost over virtual communication or an unreliable home internet connection. Huddles help calm that chaos.

Quick Tip: In your daily huddles, write down every sentence you would normally say out loud so that your team can read along as you talk over your video call.  Add the video conferencing link plus any probing questions into the “general information” section of your huddle.

Create Accountability with Tasks, Stucks, and Top Priority

Life is more complex right now for many on your team, working from home (often with kids or spouses around), caring for loved ones, and technology that doesn’t quite work like it does at the office.  Tasks, Stucks, and Top Priorities help create focus and accountability during this challenging time. 

Quick Tip: Top Priority gives you insight into what work each team member is doing and if it is the right work.  Did you know it also helps create a feeling of focus and productivity for team members ? This is especially true when they can check off pieces of bigger projects one at a time.

Manage the disruption outside of your “normal” quarter by creating a short period

Sometimes, going through a disruptive time means we must put everything else on hold momentarily. Create a new period for just this month to focus on priorities in the now, and then get back to everything else once this storm passes.


Quick Tip:

Don’t feel married to a traditional planning calendar. While Align defaults to a quarter you can customize any planning period to fit your situation.

Create “Roll Up”  Parent goals for 30, 60, and 90 days to track each time frame. 





Get a pulse on how everyone is doing with eNPS and Surveys.

Use the Align eNPS tool to send out a single consistent question each month to get a pulse on how your team is doing.  You can always use the survey tools to do deeper, more in depth surveys.

Create a 30-60-90 Plan for Q2

Find a balance between your short term needs, and your long term growth goals. When planning for the new Quarter 2, create a mixture of long and short goals, divided by a timeline of 30 days to complete, 60 days to complete and 90 days to complete.

  • 30 day goals will track short term needs to ensure your team members are held accountable to emergency needs.
  • 60 day goals are somewhere in between, a larger objective that is only attainable when “emergency” needs calm down, however would not have been a goal before Covid-19.
  • 90 day goals are your normal quarterly growth goals, a few of these are important to keep in mind to ensure that your team is still focused and going through the same motions that they would if we were not in a time of crisis. 



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