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Adopting better business habits starts with equipping your team with the tools and knowledge sources they need. Learn some of the best practices we’ve gathered from working with thousands of businesses and some of the most successful business coaches. We also periodically share more about upcoming product feature releases.

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Past Product Webinars

Staying Aligned in Slack: Utilizing Align’s New Integration with Slack

In the current situation, many of you are adjusting to your new work-from-home schedules, experimenting with new workflows and getting comfortable with new software tools to keep your team communication smooth. To help with these adjustments to your workday, we’re releasing an integration with the cornerstone of many remote teams’ communication: Slack. Align Product Manager Joey Muething demos features and answer any of your questions.

Communicate What Matters pt. 2: Improving Productivity with Huddle Communication Rhythm

Align Advisor Emmy German walks you through best practices for starting and maintaining huddles to improve communication, accountability, and transparency in your organization. For more information, schedule a conversation with Emmy.

Communicate What Matters: Improving Execution with Priority Tracking in Align

Align Advisor Emmy German covers: What types of goals should my team be tracking in Align? How do these goals differ from their regular job functions? & How does Align differ from a project management system? For more information, schedule a conversation with Emmy.

Align Your Team: How to Improve Visibility and Transparency with Our New Features

Align Advisor and resident planning guru Emmy German covers new expanded features in Align that provide greater flexibility for organizations with multiple locations or divisions. To learn more, schedule a conversation with Emmy.

Align 2019 Product Vision

Our CEO Doug Walner and Product Manager Joey Muething shared our planned product releases for the upcoming year. We also summarized this webinar in a series of blog posts focusing on:

Past Coach Webinars

“Cultivating a Strategic Mindset” with John Spence

In this learning event exclusive to the EO community, Business & Leadership Expert John Spence covered three major areas of creating an effective strategy: Strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic execution. John’s approach is to make strategy less complex and identify the most important things necessary for developing a solid strategic plan. This learning event dove into the five levels of strategic thinking, pattern recognition, how to hold a successful strategic planning retreat, how to create goals and tactics to support the strategy, understanding the importance of disciplined execution, and maintaining momentum in executing your strategy.

“The Great Game of Business: Rapid Financial Results, Lasting Cultural Change” with Steve Baker

Based on Jack Stack’s best-selling book, The Great Game of Business is a unique and well-proven methodology and approach to running a company, based on a simple, yet powerful belief:

“When employees think, act and feel like owners… everybody wins.”

VP Steve Baker discusses the history behind the Great Game, its importance in modern business, and how business owners can take full advantage to align their team.

“Meetings Matter – How to Make Them Better” with Jeff Loehr and Joe Rojas

As workforces become more dispersed and executives become more inundated with meeting overload, there’s never been a more important time to re-evaluate your internal meeting rhythms and contemplate ways to improve their efficiency and impact.

Coaches Jeff Loehr and Joe Rojas lead the deep-dive into how to run an effective leadership meeting.

“Taking the Guesswork Out of Hiring Decisions” with Chris Mursau of Topgrading

In this highly interactive presentation, Chris Mursau shows leaders how to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions and transform hiring into a strategic business process that yields consistently positive results.

“A Practical Primer on OKRs: Learn the basics of OKRS” with Rick Maguire and Joe Ottinger of OKR Advisors

In this webinar, Joe and Rick will help you get started writing Objectives and driving Key Results. Using a ‘teach the teacher’ approach, they share best practices you can implement immediately on your teams to enhance motivation and boost performance.

“Emotional Agility: Transformative Leadership by Engaging the Whole Person” with Patrick Burke

In this webinar, Patrick will explain the research behind his approach to leading with emotional agility. He’ll share his advice for leaders looking to grow themselves and their teams to build cultures of success and incredible customer experiences.

“Enduring Disruption: Lessons Learned from a Year of Crisis Leadership” with Shawn Johal

In this webinar, Shawn shares methods for evaluating your leadership and performance over the past year and making adjustments to build back strong in 2021.

“Unlocking Your Team’s Full Potential with Goal-Based Performance Management” with Peter Boolkah

In this webinar, UK-based Business Coach Peter Boolkah discusses strategies for transforming your performance management with transparent goal setting.

“Creating Themes that Create Results” with Jason Rush and Morgan Stanley

Jason and Morgan from Petra Coach share a proven strategy for focusing and motivating your team: The Quarterly Theme! The right Theme brings energy to your strategic execution.

“FAST Goals: Game Plan for 2021” with Verne Harnish

As an award-winning author and guru to CEOs of fast-growing companies around the world, Verne Harnish has helped countless organizations reach their goals. In 2021, says Verne, you should run your company like a professional sports team. The championships teams will be those who adapt quickly to changing rules of the game and stay focused on their most critical target.

“Culture Change Management: How to Effectively Implement Any Software” with Luis Gonzalez-Aspuru

In the changing workplace of the new decade, implementing the right software in your business can boost productivity and provide a competitive advantage. As a serial entrepreneur and lead trainer for EO’s Global Accelerator, Luiz Gonzalez-Aspuru knows the impact the right software tools can have on an organization’s culture. Watch our November webinar to hear Luis’s best practices for businesses transforming their culture with new software.

“The Great Pivot: How to Keep up with the Increasing Speed of Business” with Kerrie Hoffman

Digital Growth expert Kerrie Hoffman joins Align for the October Coach webinar on keeping up with the seismic change in the business world. As economies transform due to COVID-19, digital transformation, and political turmoil, only leaders who adapt quickly to meet this increasing pace of change will find success in the coming decade.

“Sales Reinvigorated: Extending Your Strategic Plan to the Customer Journey” with Rich Scott

Tue. Aug 25th @ 10 AM CDT

As your business works to adapt to the “new normal”, your sales strategy must transform to meet changing customer needs. Coach Rich Scott joined our August webinar to share how connecting your customer journey to your strategic plan can power sales in an uncertain time.

“How Leaders Can Unlock Digital Transformation, Remain Relevant and Avoid Disruption” with KK Diaz

Wed. July 22nd @ 10 AM CDT

For Align’s July webinar, we heard from author and strategy coach KK Diaz of South Africa. KK brings expertise in helping leaders gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation. For organizations looking to not just survive but thrive during COVID, these efforts are critical.

“A Leader’s Guide to Building a High-Performing Culture of Accountability in Today’s New World” with Hayley Erner

Wed. June 24th @ 10 AM CDT

For Align’s June webinar, we’re joined by UK Scaling Up Coach Hayley Erner. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Hayley has helped companies adapt their strategy and their cultures for the “new normal”. She’ll discuss best practices for building a culture where teams feel accountable and passionate.

“Conducting Successful Strategic Planning with Your Virtual Team” with Andy Clayton

Tue. May 19th @ 10 AM CDT

Lead Petra Europe Coach and strategic planning expert Andy Clayton discussed keys to a successful remote strategic planning session. Andy has helped numerous organizations adapt strategy to remote conditions and shared best practices for effective goal setting during disruption.

“The 5 Big Moves to Take You From Surviving a Crisis to Thriving” with Bill Gallagher

Tue. April 21st @ 11 AM CDT

Serial entrepreneur, Business Coach/Founder at ScalingCoach.com, and host of Scaling Up Business Podcast Bill Gallagher joined Align during this time of disruption to talk overlooked strategies for adapting to the changing landscape. Having successfully led and coached businesses through past crises like the Dot-Com bust and 2008 financial crisis, Bill brings a unique perspective on adapting business plans during disruption and executing successful pivots.

“Navigating US Federal Small Business Loan Assistance” with Sandy Cohen

Wed. April 8th @ 11 AM CDT

Alexander “Sandy” Cohen, CPA brings a lifetime of experience at the intersection of accounting, finance, and business to a special webinar focused on applying for Federal Small Business Loan assistance. He will discuss:
– The Economic Injury Disaster Loan application (available now at https://covid19relief.sba.gov/)
– The Paycheck Protection Program
– Other resources and best-practices for financially navigating the current crisis.

“The Missing Strategic Conversations: Accelerating Your Business Flywheel Through Productive Conflict” with Dr. Craig Overmyer

Wed. March 25th, 2020

For our March Coach webinar, Dr. Craig Overmyer, shared insights from his Amazon bestseller Accelerate Thru Conflict. He discusses how to maximize how your team makes strategic decisions through productive conflict. Dr. Overmyer offered ideas about how to leverage the Fly Wheel concept by Jim Collins for more impactful One Page Strategic Plans.

“Recession Resilience Planning for Your Business” with Erik Frank

Fri. March 20th

Business coach Erik Frank covered effective team communication through COVID-19 Crisis, contingency planning for challenging scenarios, cash conservation strategies, and how to identify and capture new opportunities that emerge.

“SPARKLE: Seven Proven Steps for Creating a More Valuable Company” with Richard Manders

Tues. February 4th

For our February Coach webinar, Richard will share his SPARKLE strategy containing relevant best practices to build a company that is sustainable, valuable and attractive to outside investors. Numerous businesses have successfully used this model in their businesses, and Richard has shared similar presentations for the Strategies for Maximizing Your Exit program at Harvard Business School.

“New Year, New Habits: Elevating Your Strategic Execution in 2020” with Chuck Kocher

Wed. January 15th

Chuck shared the Execution Best Practices from his high achieving clients that have built sustainable/highly profitable Scale-Ups over the past 18 years. He shared insights and best practices on how to both master your current execution in 2020 and how to build in Strategic Rhythms that will ensure your company scales sustainable enabling you to achieve your long-range BHAG!

“Keeping Score: Improving Performance and Powering Strategic Execution with Data” with Neale Lewis

Wed. December 11th

Neale Lewis, Business Coach and CEO, will discuss choosing targets for company performance, and why creating visibility into the company’s critical numbers, the leading indicators of your business, can create alignment and power execution.

How to Conduct a Successful Strategic Planning Session

Tue. November 12th @ 10 AM CDT

Jennifer Faught, strategy coach at Petra Coach, shared best practices for conducting a focused, energized, and effective strategic planning session that can drive your team forward with quarterly, annual, and long-term goals.

“Defining your Big Hairy Audacious Goal” with Glen Dall, CEO of Apex North Coaching

October 2, 2019

For our October Coach webinar, Glen Dall will discuss how to create the ultimate “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” that will inspire and motivate you and your team to reach for your own North Star by providing tools and case studies from his career and clients.

“How To Pick A ‘Smart’ Quarterly Priority” with Herb Cogliano

August 22, 2019

For Align’s August webinar, Coach Herb Cogliano, Managing Partner at Aspire Growth Advisors, breaks down how to select, write, and execute on a top quarterly priority to drive your company’s strategic plans forward.

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Align VP Eugene Terk on “The Scaling Up Business Podcast

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Align CEO Doug Walner on “Out to Lunch Business Podcast”

CEO Doug Walner joins WWNO’s Out to Lunch discusses the difference between working “in your business” and “on you business”, a distinction that matters if you want to grow. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

Align CEO Doug Walner on “The Scaling Up Business Podcast”

Doug joins Scaling Up Podcast Host and coach Bill Gallagher to talk good business habits. The podcast can also be streamed on iTunes, Stitcher, or play.fm.

Align VP Eugene Terk on “Scaling Up Services Podcast”

Eugene talks best practices for scaling businesses on the Scaling Up Services Podcast hosted by Coach Bruce Eckfeldt. The podcast can also be streamed on iTunes, or Stitcher, or play.fm.

Align VP Eugene Terk on “WordPress Elevation Podcast”

Eugene discusses growth with Troy Dean, founder of WP Elevation. They talk common struggles businesses face as they grow and best practices to avoid pitfalls while scaling. Listen here.

Align VP Eugene Terk on “The Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast”

Eugene sits down with Business Coach Dominic Rubino on The Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast to talk scaling a business. The podcast contains lessons for businesses in any industry, woodworking or not. Listen here.

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