Become an Align Ambassador

Unlock Business Growth and Earn Cash!

Experience a true win-win situation when you become an Align Ambassador. As a thought leader, you can empower businesses to grow while also enjoying financial rewards that continue as long as they are our customers.

But it’s not just about the money. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you played a critical role in helping companies reach their full potential through Align’s powerful software.

Imagine being the driving force behind a company’s 10X growth. As an Align Ambassador, you have that power.

Ready to become a G.O.A.T.?


To be an Align Ambassador you need…

  • an audience that wants to grow their buisness.

  • to be able to create engaging social media content around business and leadership topics.
    NOTE: depending on certain factors we are able to compensate you for the content creation in addition to your commisions.

  • to be a good person, we have a “NO Assholes” policy and that goes for our ambassadors as well.

Designed to make you money!

  • 10% commission for the first year – For accounts that subscribe to Align’s software.

  • Awesome product – Align is the leading growth management software for everyday focus on the right things in business. It allows companies and organizations to focus on the critical priorities that will help them grow and succeed. It is proven to work so its easy to promote.

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“What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done! I believe tools like this show how everyone in the organization works for the same goals and gives each person a part in the over all goal. Align should be used in every company.”

William Scott III, EG Workforce Solutions