Build trust between managers and their direct reports.

Encourage regular dialogue on goal progress with transparent metrics.  Give them the tools to communicate and move goal progress forward throughout the year.

Align Your Team

Lead teams to success by defining next steps.

Keep employees more engaged and happier by helping them share progress and roadblocks on their work.  Create actionable next steps with deadlines to provide day-to-day autonomy and ensure successful outcomes.

Align Your Team

Provide individual development alongside goal management.

Manage your reviews alongside goal performance in the same platform.

Align Your Team
Make performance management easy and productive.

Create a centralized hub to structure consistent communication for managers and all of their direct reports.

align weekly huddle feature screenshotAlign’s Weekly Huddle Tool automatically populates progress on individual goal performance as well as other important metrics you establish for each employee.

Spend minutes not hours preparing for each 1:1 review.  Use the saved time to address roadblocks you discover or help employees grow.

Use Daily Huddles and Align’s Top Priority Calendar to set deadlines on important tasks that keep employees on track for success in between meetings.

Reviewing weekly progress gives visual confirmation of important work done and builds trust between managers and direct reports for more autonomy.

Align also saves us so much time. In the past, I emailed an employee asking how progress on a specific task is going. The employee would stop what they were doing and write back. This back-and-forth is one of dozens of such conversations that happen each day, taking up hours of time in a week.

With Align, communicating this way is no longer necessary. I can see the status of a task, and if I still have a question, there’s no reason to email, because I know I can just follow up in our Huddle.”

Beth Winkler, CEO – Magnolia Physical Therapy

Align’s Continuous Performance Management Toolkit.

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