Flexible OKR Software for Connected Teams

Using objectives and key results (OKRs) helps teams have a clear line of sight toward success. Make OKRs a part of your company culture by keeping everyone working on achieving big goals. Implement OKRss into your workflow to help grow your business.

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Strategic Planning tools to establish the right Objectives.

Defining impactful OKRs begins with a clearly articulated, well-communicated strategic vision.  Align gives you tools and a repeatable, step-by-step process to develop a long-term plan first, to make sure you’re executing on the right things.

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Use integrations to connect workflows and get real-time data updates.

Align offers integration with productivity tools like Slack, Google Task, Microsoft To Do, Salesforce, and Zapier. These integrations can help you elevate critical communications above daily chatter.  Connect Align to your existing tools to automate workflows for updating Daily Huddles, update tasks, and also your most important company metrics.

Build a Strategic Plan That Identifies the Right Objectives

Complicated strategic plans on unwieldy documents often get set aside and forgotten or worse purposefully ignored due to the high complexity.

Align’s strategy tools simplify planning into one living online document that is available every day to everyone. This removes the time and effort in trying to figure out how to do what is asked and moves that energy into actually doing the tasks at hand.

Carry your plan over to each new time period and build your long-term strategy and vision over time while also creating high-impact goals for your team that help you scale quicker than you could have imagined.

OKR demo with Align


People think of scaling up as growing financially, but I felt it was about growing culturally.  And, I thought if we could improve the culture of transparency and accountability within our organization — and better align our team members’ tasks to our organizational goals — then that would have financial benefits, too. It’s possible we could achieve these on our own, but how many setbacks would it take? Working with Align has been a much shorter path to success. In the quarter before we began using Align, the company would maybe address, define and accomplish one or two meaningful priorities. But this past quarter it’s been closer to 30. Using Align in this way — as a strategic management tool has been invaluable.”

Ben Gootee, CEO – Gootee Construction

“In my two decades with Sportsafe, we never had a year in which we didn’t grow, and we never had a year in which we didn’t make a profit. But eventually, that growth got to be too much. We were just growing too quickly, and we couldn’t cope with it. We needed to change.

Our senior management team created a One Page Plan outlining the direction and big priorities of Sportsafe in a single, succinct document. Now every employee — whether they were a manager, an engineer, an accountant or a secretary — could see how their individual roles and tasks fit into the company’s long-term plan. It was incredible. We had 110 people pulling in the same direction. Each employee was able to see how their tasks for the day would advance the priorities in our One Page Plan. They said they felt like their work mattered — because it did!

It wasn’t until our last three years before I sold the company where we really started to take-off. And I don’t think that would have been possible without Align”

Jon Neill, Founder

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