At this time of unprecedented disruption, consistent team communication rhythms are more critical than ever. To help out, Align is providing free access to the Align Huddle Tools as you manage through COVID-19.

Communication is Job One.

You need tools to connect your teams to each other and to workflow management.

The Align suite of tools has helped thousands of businesses grow. We want to put those same tools to use and help thousands more adapt during this time of disruption.

The number one need today is getting communication flowing and establishing a framework and process to run your business through this crisis.

Therefore, we have created a limited time offer to free access to the Align Huddle Tools to businesses affected by this crisis.

Our data tells us that teams that use Daily Huddles on Align complete 60% more priorities.  Giving you tools that provide that kind of focus and productivity is what we can do to contribute to assist in this difficult time and is simply the right thing to do.


Check out the Huddle Tools

Spend 10-15 minutes with one of our advisors who will walk you through the Huddle tools and help you set up your free Align Huddle Tool account.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM CST.  We are happy to accommodate off-hours requests.  Please email to find a time that works!

Managing your Huddles with Align Huddle Tools will connect your dispersed team in a unified platform, improve your communications flow and feedback loop, and increase productivity.

Align’s Huddle Tools


New to Huddles?
Want to make sure they are right for you?

Download Our Intro to Daily Huddles Guide!

Daily Huddles are a great foundation to move your company forward.

Once you have established a communication rhythm, you may be ready to do more adaptive planning to carry you through the next 30-60-90 days of potential disruption.

When you feel ready, we are happy to show you how the full suite of Align tools can help you organize your plans and execute on your priorities.