Business Coach Frequently Asked Questions

With strategic planning tools and modules to enhance execution of the strategic plan, Align is the perfect accompaniment to your coaching strategy.

Why should a business coach use Align?

Many coaches see Align as the third leg of their coaching strategy stool.

1. Framework: A solid business methodology gives the client a framework to consistently implement good business habits

2. Coaching: A consultative coach helps clients create a strategic plan, set client goals/priorities, learn best practices for implementing their methodology, and keep their clients accountable with frequent check-ins.

3. Technology: The technology is used to  reinforce everyday focus on the adoption and execution of a business methodology. By using the tools for strategy communication, tracking priorities and critical numbers and creating transparency through One Page Strategic Plan sharing, clients have a path to successfully execute on their strategic plans. Align also frees up the coach to focus on the high-value coaching instead of administration of the process.

Why should your coaching clients use Align?

1. Increase communication
2. Drive execution
3. Make your job as a coach easier

After 16 months of Align usage with a coach, companies average 87 priorities per period and complete 40% of total priorities. That’s a 4x increase in the number of priorities taken on and an 11% increase in completion from month one.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Your clients can schedule a demo with their dedicated Align Advisor and indicate that they have a business coach. Once they subscribe for an account, the Advisor will make sure that you are designated as the coach on your client’s account so that you have access to your client’s data and can earn a 10% commission.

Our Advisors will guide your client’s implementation of the software, demonstrate best practices and answer questions. Clients can opt for additional training and onboarding as needed. We handle the technical rollout of the software with their team, so you can focus on coaching.

When is the best time to introduce Align to your coaching clients?

The best time to introduce Align is as soon as you can because Align will help them reach their goals faster.

Align helps teams build discipline around good business habits at any time.

If your client already has a strategic plan, we can help them migrate that plan into the software and cascade their goals to the team.

For clients that you have not started strategic planning work with yet, we recommend that you get them set up on Align and start tracking their most important metrics so that you have more data to inform your planning.

What software instruction and training will my coaching clients receive?

We are here to help your coaching clients get the most out of the Align software. All companies have a wealth of resources available to them to maximize Align’s benefit including:

  • Up to 3 small group technical training sessions with your dedicated Align Advisor in the first 90 days

  • In-app Help and Frequently Asked Questions content

  • How-To video playlists

  • Onboarding Site with checklist linked to each specific how-to video

  • Access to the Align Academy with resources for the “why” to help your coaching clients better understand larger strategic planning and execution concepts.

Who should be on Align?

The power of Align as an accountability, transparency, insights and coaching tool is greatest when you use it with the entire team.  Start with leadership, and quickly roll it out to the full company.

Transparency into where the company is heading empowers the entire team to connect their work to the work that moves the company forward.

The velocity of progress toward big goals increases as more people are aligned to the company goals.  As more team members complete their individual goals, your clients will see capacity for new goals and growth increase over time.

What is the best feature for quick adoption?

The daily huddle is crucial for quick adoption and accountability. Huddles should be implemented prior to planning to get teams comfortable with the software, increase communication, and create a habit of using the Align tools every day.

Once Priorities and Tasks have been added into the platform, the Daily Huddle can quickly become the lifeline of the overall health of the company/organization.

If you have questions about what Align is and what it can do for your coaching practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Let us show you how Align will enhance your coaching and be an invaluable tool for your clients!

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