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Your company is unique, and your training should be too! Choose four sessions from our list of topics below or sign up for one of our pre-set 4 session templates.

Cost: $549 for 4 one-hour small group or individual sessions
These sessions can be completed in a 4 week course, or all in one week.  However, we recommend at least 1 day in between each session to absorb the information learned. 



Session Descriptions

Each session listed below will be 50 minutes of discussion and learning.  Sessions can be individual or with a small group of up to 10 users.

Align Reset

Usage Assessment:  Get the maximum value out of your subscription. Walk through your account then discuss best practices and your company’s specific implementation. Identify current habits to keep, wish list habits to create, and items to stop (Start, Stop, Keep exercise).

Learn Align A-Z: A guided tour through of three main parts of Align: strategy, execution, communication

Diagnose: Identify the actions that will make the biggest impact on your company right now using the Alignment checklist. 

Communication Communication Icon

Manage your team in Align: Hold you and your team accountable with team features. Learn to cascade goals throughout your organization and conduct meetings to delegate action items and move team priorities forward. 

Finding your communication rhythm: Determine the best huddle rhythm for your company, create a plan to roll it out, and refine the content that should be entered into huddles. 

Holding your team accountable on a weekly basis: Review the 3 types of weekly huddles, how to tag them, and weekly huddle best practices.

Master Daily Huddles: Show us your huddle.  Your Advisor will attend a daily huddle of your choosing and provide feedback. A “good” huddle doesn’t typically happen automatically, your Advisor will guide you and your team to master the daily huddle. 


New Quarter Prep:Review your current quarter priorities and the OPSP, then identify next quarter’s objectives to make sure your annual targets are met.   By the end of the meeting you will have identified your next quarter initiatives to bring with you to your Strategic Planning session. 

Right people, Right Seats:  When you grow fast, you do what is needed now, versus what is best for the future.   Complete both the FACE and PACE for your company, to pinpoint where you may be missing out on the most effective way to use your most important resource, your people. 


Track Metrics:  Identify where you should track different types of metrics in Align: why, how, what, results.

Growth Actions 1-5 years: Cascade key growth actions your company can take starting now through the next five years. Turn 3-5 year target into 3-5 year key thrusts and capabilities into 1 year key initiatives into quarterly company priorities

Focus: Move your organization in one direction by Identifying the #1 priority, translate to critical number and to a weekly huddle.

Cascade: Start with your company priorities and break them down to teams and individuals.

How to create effective priorities: What is a SMART priority, how to create them? 

New Quarter Setup – Priority Focus

You’re ready to get started with the next quarter, use our Advisors to facilitate the discussion and keep you on track.  By the end of the 4th session your account will be setup for success in the next quarter!

Session 1 – Pre-Strategy Session Planning: Review your current quarter priorities and the OPSP, then identify next quarter’s objectives to make sure your annual targets are met.   By the end of the meeting you will have identified your next quarter initiatives to bring with you to your Strategic Planning session. 

Session 2 – Get it in Align: Now that your planning session is complete, it’s time to get Align set up.  In this session you will copy over the last quarter, update this quarter’s OPSP, create at least 1 of your company priorities and make it SMART.

By the end of the session, each participant will know how to create smart priorities. Before the next session, input the rest of your company priorities and make them SMART!

Session 3 – Focus on #1 priority: Find company focus around 1 main goal, cascade that #1 Company Priority down to individual priorities, create a weekly huddle team, make leading indicators into Critical Numbers, and create tags. 

Session 4 – Cascading: Understand the value of cascading goals throughout the entire organization – Cascade the remaining priorities through to the rest of the team and create focus.  By the end of this session you will reinforce “why” you are using Align and create your messaging to roll out to the team.

Manager Course

How can you set up your managers for success?

Give them the tools to reinforce good habits.

This course is perfect for new managers or experienced managers who want to know how the software can help!

Session 1 – Measure: How do you know if you are being successful if you don’t measure it?  How does your team know how they contribute to your success? Learn how to use Align to cascade and track metrics on a team level.

This week you will review how to set up priorities, choose the right KPIs, tag the priorities for use in reporting and communication and set up team level critical numbers.

Session 2 – Communicate:  Talking about those priorities and critical numbers on a daily or weekly basis gives managers a way to confirm the team is focused on the right things and course correct if they are not.  A consistent communication rhythm sets clear expectations for the team with deadlines plus it’s a great team builder for culture!

In the communication session you will learn how to set up huddles for daily and weekly communication, tag huddles to bring in the right priorities, learn best practices for the structure of information sharing in those huddles, and get valuable resources for rolling out the huddle to your team.

Session 3 – Individual Attention: Not all topics are appropriate for public discussion.  One on One meetings give managers and their team members a dedicated time to solve problems, identify challenges with priority completion, and share information.

In the individual attention week you will set up a 1:1 huddle, determine the proper structure and agenda, and identify the reporting to help you as the manager ask the right questions.

Session 4 – Insights and Reporting:  Now that your team is using the software, how do you take advantage of this new data?   As a manager, you need to be able to succinctly communicate how your team is doing and if you are going to hit your targets.

This session will focus on reporting and insights with “persons of interest” and with teams.  Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to do a final Q & A to learn from your advisor’s years of experience.

Jump Start Restart – Get back on track to execute!

Get your company back in gear.  By the end of the course you will renew your mission to execute your strategic plan.

Pre-work: Each member of the leadership team will complete Alignment checklist survey given to you by your advisor. 

Session 1 –  Reset and Recharge: Remind yourself why you started using the software in the first place and how it’s going to help.  Make a plan for execution based on the results from the pre-work survey.  

Session 2 –  Strategy & Key Initiatives: Break a number based target down to a key initiative and fill out the three year, one year, and quarterly sections.

Session 3 – Execution with SMART priorities:Take the Quarterly section of the OPSP and create 1 company priority, then make it SMART.  By the end of the session, each participant will know how to create smart priorities. At least one priority will be worked through during the session and finalized to become SMART.

Session 4 – Finding your communication rhythm: Determine the best huddle rhythm for your company and understand how to roll it out and what content should be entered into huddles.