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What is Align?

Align is based around proven business management methodologies. These methodologies rely on creating focus and alignment throughout an organization. This focus is created by having a select few priorities that an organization is working to achieve during any given time period. The alignment is created by having everyone in the organization create priorities that align directly to the priorities of the organization. This alignment ensures the entire weight of the organization is moving in the same direction and therefore is much more likely to accomplish the organization's priorities.

To ensure focus and alignment remains throughout the company quick daily meetings called daily huddles take place for everyone in the organization. The huddle groups that make up these daily huddle meetings will be small groups of employees within your organization broken apart by function or department. These huddles are very brief (no more than 15 minutes), but ensure that everyone remains on the same page and problems are identified immediately. No longer will a problem fester until it's too late; with daily huddles problems are identified as they occur and can be discussed and solved before they become unmanageable. Additionally, as employees can be, and often are, members of multiple huddles, information is shared throughout the organization to once again ensure focus and alignment.

Traditionally, this management style has been implemented by writing everything down on paper or using a word processor. This has some severe downsides including being decentralized and hard to manage as well as being very difficult to get a feel for how the company as a whole is progressing. Align is the only system on the market created specifically to correct this need. Through Align all information is centralized so that all the information you need is only a click away. Furthermore, through our automated reports you can now gain an unprecedented level of insight about how aligned you are as a company that would have nearly impossible beforehand.

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