The Self-fulfilling Formula: A Blueprint for Your Ideal Future

In this captivating talk, discover the incredible power of belief and how to harness it for personal and professional success. Learn about the Self-Fulfilling Formula, a groundbreaking approach combining the power of mental, social, and execution fitness to help you supercharge your results. 

Gain practical insights and strategies to overcome self-sabotage, operate with ease and flow, and consistently take the right actions to create the thriving future you desire for yourself and the world around you.
Wednesday, April 10 | 10 – 11:00 AM CST

Wednesday, April 10
10 – 11 AM CST

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Meet Our Speaker

Mike Martin, CEO and Founder of Top Down Strategies is a seasoned executive coach and business advisor. He brings over 30 years of entrepreneurship, business development, and management consulting experience to his coaching practice. Known for his tech-savvy and adaptability. Mike has worked with over 150 organizations, including industry giants like Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Oracle, and IBM.

He’s passionate about helping businesses work smarter and more effectively, leveraging his extensive knowledge to provide tailored strategies that drive growth and efficiency.

Mike is the author of The Self-fulfilling Formula® and host of the podcast From The Top.

When he’s not coaching, Mike can be found behind a drum set, continuing his 40-year passion for music.