Creating daily focus helped MaxHome grow the business

Larry Closs, CEO of MaxHome, was skeptical of how growth management software could actually help his company tackle the challenges of scaling. But he soon realized Align was the ideal tool for his team to implement the Rockefeller Habits model. Using Align, MaxHome forced focus around the key business priorities that mattered to their bottom line and reduced disruptive distractions.

By establishing clear daily priorities, MaxHome keeps both employees and customers top of mind. Ultimately, they realized their growth goals and created a system to see results. MaxHome increased sales nearly 400% and grew from 50 to 130 employees over a five year period.

We would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings. Align was the missing piece in getting things done.

Larry Closs
Larry Closs
‐ MaxHome

Staying Focused is Hard

In any growing company, knowing what to focus on can be difficult – and staying focused is even more challenging. With each new growth opportunity comes a set of distracting possibilities, which can disrupt your ability to reach company goals.

The Solution

MaxHome uses Align to create and maintain daily focus, leveraging “good business habits” that the software supports: morning meetings that last no more than 15 minutes, ongoing employee input, and transparent performance metrics.

  • Focus

  • Updates

  • Accountability

  • Teamwork

“We knew that we had to reduce canceled contracts, but we’d always be distracted by things that would increase sales. Align forced us to look at the cancel number every day and design priorities around churn for the whole company.

— Larry Closs, MaxHome CEO

Software made it easier for team members to focus on agreed-upon priorities and reinforced their efforts by allowing them to see progress on those priorities in real time.

“Getting in the habit of accomplishing daily priorities is a good thing. It produces a positive cycle which most companies would love to be a part of.


Before Align, the MaxHome team would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings, not breaking down the tasks needed to accomplish them. During the daily huddle, the software saves time and limits distractions by showing what tasks are completed, and which ones are falling behind.

“Align has made it easier for team members to help each other when they’re struggling. Before Align, it wasn’t clear when someone was struggling unless they reached out for help—and that is not easy to do. We now see when there are issues and proactively reach out to help each other.”

The Results

Align has been instrumental in the growth of MaxHome. While Larry knew what needed to be done to grow the business, Align helped visualize, maintain and reinforce his company’s goals and priorities. “Align provides the final level of accountability.”

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Align Platform Features

Align is growth management software for companies and their teams. We provide tools to plan and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things.


Strategic planning tools

built on proven business methods.


Individual accountability

with priority assignment and performance tracking.


KPIs and critical information

in one company dashboard.


Productive communication

through a meeting structure that forces focus.

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