What are Culture Tools?

Create and participate in a culture of Accountability, Ownership, and Purposeful Communication. These corporate communication and employee engagement tools give you insight into the way your company culture functions.

eNPS Measures Employee Engagement

When tracked over time, you get actionable insights into trends in employee engagement and happiness.

Simply put, while leaders know the importance of engaged employees, evaluating employee motivation can be a lot more challenging than measuring other more tangible assets. Yet as Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up says, “Measuring their happiness is a way of making them tangible.” When done correctly, this measurement can be one of the best leading indicators of a company’s overall health and value.

If you don’t know how your employees are doing, you can’t do anything about it!  

eNPS is your ‘Employee Net Promoter Score’.  This single question, asked of all employees at least once per month on a consistent basis, gives you insight into your culture that will drive changes to your business. 

As Align users, each full member of your account can already participate in the eNPS survey. 

My full company is not on the software yet, can I still use this?

Of course! 

Use the eNPS for the whole team feature. 

Download the eNPS for the Whole Team Informational One-Sheet.

How is eNPS measured?

While eNPS asks for a 1-10 score, the calculation of eNPS score goes beyond a simple average to give insight into overall satisfaction.

eNPS calculation

Promoters are highly engaged employees, likely willing to go above and beyond to move the company forward.

Passives may be satisfied in their jobs, but may not extend themselves beyond what is expected.

Finally, Detractors may be disengaged or willfully shirking responsibility due to a lack of motivation.

Taken together, eNPS represents percentage promoters minus percentage detractors (a true Net Promoter Score).


Use Surveys to poll your users on anything from Core Values and Quarterly Planning Prep  to lunch for the party on Friday!

Surveys can be sent out to all users in the software or just a select group.  You can also choose to keep the survey Anonymous!

Alignment Company Survey

You’ll find one survey pre-loaded in your survey tool!  The Alignment Company Survey is based on the 10 Rockefeller habits checklist and will help you determine the areas where you excel and the ones that need some work.  We recommend cloning and completing this survey each quarter to help inform your quarterly focus.

Once it’s complete, talk to the Align Advisors about a full evaluation and action plan to get you moving in the right direction!


Celebrate when something great happens!  Some customers use this as an opportunity to do a weekly CEO update and so much more.

Announcements can be added to the Company Dashboard and emailed out to all users.


Anonymous feedback from employees can sometimes lead to the most important conversations.  Suggestions are a way to gather feedback and ideas from your team and send responses back from the administration.