What are Metrics?

Metrics are numbers.  

Think of Metrics as the underlying numbers driving your KPIs, Priorities, Critical Numbers and Quarterly actions.   Metrics are the connection point for number integrations. 

What is the difference between Metrics, Priorities, Critical Numbers, and KPIs?

Metrics are the connection point between all of the visualizations in the software.  To use an integration, you connect it with a Metric.  To update the same number in multiple places, connect it with a metric!

KPIs are visualizations of other items in the software. You can visualize any of the measurements from Quarterly Actions on the One Page Plan to your Priorities and Critical Numbers or even a standalone metric (Preview Release!). 

Priorities can be KPI driven which means you can measure the priority with a number.  That number can be a standalone that is only on the priority and not connected.  Or it can be a metric that is able to connect to other components or integrations.  

Critical Numbers are the 5 numbers that are elevated to a higher status.  These numbers are often leading indicators of success for your team.  The numbers you want your team obsessing over and rallying behind this quarter.

Get Started with Metrics

Many areas that can be enhanced by using the Metrics feature! 

Enter your update ONE time and update the connected elements!

Metrics are the connection point for all of your number related integrations

Still stuck or want some help with the strategic side? 

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Formula Driven Metrics

Combine existing metrics to create simple calculations, create ratios, percentages, and more. 

Measure your roll up with a weighted KPI

A weighted KPI is a formula that gives specific numbers more or less value. Use the Metrics that drive the individual child priorities and create a weighted average to drive the parent priority! Great for a sales team quota,

Supercharge your sales huddle

Measure conversion, average contract value, average time to close and more right in your huddle!

Create executive critical numbers that drive success

Use common metrics to measure core company KPIs like Revenue per Employee, Cost of Acquisition, Lifetime Value and more.  

If you want more of a “walk through”, check out the FAQ pages in the software

"This will help us track our individual sales and produce goals as a KPI rollup"

Metrics Report

Once you start tracking numbers with Metrics, you can export the entire history of the metric to a CSV.

Take that information and analyze the data over time to see trends.