New User Welcome

After years of helping clients meet goals, increase employee happiness, and create unparalleled focus, we’ve found that every business is unique in their path.  However, the end goal is fairly similar…get results!

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    Step 1: Join Basics 101

    This session is designed with active participation in mind, so be ready to work! We highly recommend you download a sandbox (our 24-hour trial tool) for this workshop so the items you build and change in the software do not affect your actual account.

    Sign up here!

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    Step 2: Download the Mobile App

    The mobile app is available for both iphone and android.  We recommend you start your setup on the web version, but once set up, you can do your day-to-day work on your phone!

    Align Today – Apple or Google

    Scoreboard – Apple or Google

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    Step 3: Do something!

    Choose 1 item to focus on…remember, it’s better to do SOMETHING, than Nothing!

    Add KPIs to your MY Dashboard – “My” dashboard is your central place to make sure the important data is at your fingertips.  No one else can see your “My” dashboard, so use it to explore the features of the software.  We recommend adding a KPI group to start!

    Create a Priority – Add one goal you will accomplish this quarter.  A priority typically is a bigger initiative that takes the full quarter to finish and often lines up with a company priority or a team level goal.

    Join a huddle – A well run huddle actually decreases the time needed in other meetings.  Spend 15 minutes per day in a daily huddle with your team to get everyone on the same page and share relevant information OR participate in a weekly team meeting to address challenges and make sure the team stays aligned! Ask an Admin in your company to add you to the relevant daily or weekly huddles.

    Here’s a great blog post on the philosophy behind Align’s onboarding and usage of the tools

Are you looking for a checklist to get started?  Check out the New User Checklist!