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Align has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide achieve their goals faster. We are always looking for more businesses who would benefit from our software as we continue to grow, and we’d like your help.

What Do I Get When I Refer a Friend?

Send 1 introduction: Get a shoutout in our weekly Customer Success email for every referral intro you send us! We will feature you and your company with our readership of 13,000+!

Send 3 introductions: 33% off training with your Customer Success advisor

Send 5 introductions: Receive $500 off our eNPS (employee net promoter score) add-on feature

Incentives are valid through the remainder of your annual contract. Your referral number and incentives reset at renewal. Prizes not to exceed the value of your annual subscription.

I’m In! What Do I Need to Do?

Provide a warm introduction connecting your colleague with our referral team and we will take it from there!

Email and copy your friend or colleague; you can find a sample referral email below. 

Make sure your colleague knows they can get a one-on-one introduction to Align by booking a demo with us.

Sample Referral Email:

Align has helped me grow my business by providing a centralized place for all my goals and priorities and simplifying the process of completing tasks to achieve them. Business leaders worldwide use this software to implement exceptional business habits, drive strategic performance, and unify their teams.

I am reaching out because I believe Align could be an excellent match for your organization. We are all focused on scaling during these times of uncertainty, and it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business practices are growth-driven. Your business strategy is incomplete without a master execution plan.

Align Can Help you…

Email the Align Team directly at if you are interested in learning more!

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You’ve seen great changes in your business supported by Align, take some time to share your experience!

You’ve got 5-15 min? 
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Want to be featured on our website? 

We love testimonials – give us a a quote between 2 – 5 sentences about your experience on Align. You have the chance to be featured in our marketing materials with your name, company name, headshot and company logo!  If you’re stuck on what to say, talk to an Advisor! 

Email to send your quote – make sure to include your name as you would like it to appear in marketing materials plus the company name, logo and your headshot. If you want us to use your LinkedIn headshot, that works too.

You want to sing the praises of Align from the mountaintops AND be featured in our marketing?

Participate in a Case Study Interview. With a 45-minute in-depth Zoom interview about your company and experience on Align, the marketing team will create an article that will include background about the company and its journey.  This would be a great piece to share with your network. We like to include your logo, team photos, and a link back to your company website. This article will be shared widely across our channels.

Email to set up your Case Study interview.