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Welcome Business Coaches!

As a business coach, you are setting your clients up for success by using the software to reinforce all of the good business habits you teach.  

  • Your coach account is completely free for you to use for your own strategic planning and execution related to your coaching business.
  • Add any of your coaching staff or assistants (at no cost) by navigating to Invite Users in the left-hand navigation in the software.  Let us know if anyone else is a coach so that we can designate them as such so that they can create their own client accounts in the future. 

Start to learn the software with:

  • Basics 101  – A LIVE 1 hour tutorial and tour of the major features in the software – take it as many times as you like?
  • Ask Align – 30 minutes, two days per week to ask the Align Advisors all of your questions.  Join to get your own answers or listen to what others may have questions about!

Create a sandbox account to explore the software on your own!

From your Managed Companies page you can create and access a coach sandbox account. 

The sandbox account is a fully populated account for a hypothetical company that already has a filled out one page strategic plan, critical numbers, established daily and weekly huddles and quarterly priorities that are measured and tracked. 

Add a client

Congrats!  Check out the steps below to get started.

How do I get started to add a client on the software?

You have 2 options…

OPTION 1: Watch the video to the right about Adding a Client Account in the software if you’d like to create the account.


OPTION 2: Ask your client to fill out this form and check off that they are working with a business coach. 

Once the account is initially created…

The coach gets 21 days of access to do any “pre-work” in the account that you would like to do on behalf of the client. 

Your client will get access to the account as soon as a subscription is activated. 

How does the client activate the subscription?

Once you fill out the form mentioned above, the Align Advisors will contact the main contact you identified at the company to let them know that their coach wants them to learn more about the software.

The Advisor will work with your client to schedule an introductory demo. You are encouraged to join this demo! 

Throughout the sales process, you will be copied on all of our communications and keep you updated on our efforts. 

I have a few tips to make the most of the sales introduction, how do I communicate that? 

We would LOVE to hear from you! You are copied on all communication with your client, feel free to reply back to that email to get in touch with your Sales Advisor.  You can also always email and we will make sure your Sales Advisor sees that.  

What happens once my client subscribes?

When the client subscribes, they will be assigned a Customer Success Advisor to do a kickoff call and start the onboarding process. 

Click here to find out more about new company onboarding

Frequently Asked Coach Questions

You can log into your coach account at using your email address and password you set. 

  1. Navigate to the drop down in the top right Corner, it should say your company name, and select Manage Companies
  2. In the bottom right of your Manage Companies page, you will find a button to “Create a Company”.
  3. Fill out the short form identifying the client name and the contact information for the appropriate person to contact.

Your client can add you to their account by going to the manage users tab and clicking “add coach” and make you an administrator. 

Tip: Make sure they are using the same email address you use to login!

The Align Advisors are your strategic partners to simplify adoption of the Align tools to support your coaching practices.

Be sure to let your clients’ advisor know which areas you will focus on first to ensure the activation call is focused appropriately. 

The Manage Companies page is your hub to view all of your clients’ accounts.  From this page, you can create new coaching client accounts, access the existing accounts of your coached clients, or access your coach sandbox account. To get to the Manage Companies page, click on the company name/down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the software and go to Manage Companies as shown below. 

To access the Manage Companies page:

If your client chooses not to subscribe, you can simply remove the company from your Manage Companies page through the trash can icon in the right-hand corner of the client tile.

Coach Course

Learn how the software can enhance your coaching practice!

Learn the ins and out of Align or the Scaling Up Scoreboard, how best to onboard your coaching clients, and how to help them get the most out of the software to speed up their implementation of your coaching methodology.

$250 includes four 30 minute sessions

Looking for a general training on the software?  Join Basics 101!

This is a hands-on workshop designed for new companies and users, but it is open to any current user or coach. It is a great place to meet other people who are using the software, learn and practice the basics of usage, dive into the “Why?” of our the methodology, and learn some best practices recommended by your very own Advisors. 

Every other Tuesday, alternating between 10 AM and 6 PM Central Time (US)

This session is designed with active participation in mind, so be ready to work! We highly recommend you download a sandbox (our 24-hour trial tool) for this workshop so the items you build and change in the software do not affect your actual account.

Ask Align is also a great way to learn more and get your questions answered!

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