New User Checklist and Videos

Step 1: Get setup

Step 2: Track your Goals

Align your goals to your company’s goals from top to bottom

  • Add your KPIs to your MY Dashboard
    • You can also check out integrations when you’re adding in the Metrics that drive your KPIs

Are you the first user in your account?

Step 3: Get the strategy out of your head!

Are you part of leadership?  The first step to getting strategy out of your head and accessible to the rest of the team is to write it down!

…or Keep talking! Keep goals front of mind and enhance your company communications

What is the FIRST thing to do?

Join a Daily Huddle – Are you already doing a daily standup? Do it with the software. (read the bloor watch a webinar)
Admin users have the ability to create and change huddles. 

Do a Weekly Huddle

  • Get your team’s weekly meetings in the software to bring in Priorities, KPIs & Critical Numbers, and consistent agendas.

Make your Company Priority come alive

Step 5: Create a culture feedback loop.

Understand how better alignment improves your culture with these Admin only features

Step 6: Want to keep going?

Extra: Advanced Functionality