New Company Onboarding

Each company is unique! All subscription levels have many resources available included in their first year subscription cost. 

What’s included?

Need more?  Check out Premium Services

Fast Pass – Premium Implementation & Consulting – As an expert on the capabilities of this powerful software, your Align Advisor can better take advantage of each feature to set up your account in the best possible way.  This option is tailored to those companies who have been doing this work already and need less guidance. 

Premium Onboarding & Advising – Your Align Advisor will create a custom onboarding plan based on your expressed needs and guide your team to execute that plan through 6 additional one hour training sessions plus a session for your first quarter’s transition. Give your team the jump start to dive in and start using the software faster and more efficiently. This option is great for someone starting to track goals and create a meeeting rhythm, but hasn’t gotten in too deep just yet. 

Your Align Team

We are your partner! You’ve made a commitment to making important changes in your business, we’re here to be your partner along the way. 

Customer Success Advisor

Your success is our success and we are committed to helping you achieve greatness.  

Your Customer Success Advisor is your primary point of contact and will provide:

Who is my Advisor? 

You can find your Advisor’s name and email address in the “Company Profile” page accessible in the Administration tab by all Admins.  Accounts on plans in the 35 tier or above have a dedicated Advisor!

You can always email and we will happily route your query to the appropriate Advisor.

Customer Success Team Manager

Hi! I’m Alex Abramson, Manager of the Customer Success team.

I have a passion for data, integrations and creating a culture that empowers every member of the team.

I started at Align as an intern and have loved watching our team and software develop over the years.

If you need me, you can always reach me at

Integration Specialist

You have access to an integration specialist!  Someone who is not a developer or coder, but does understand (or can figure out) the capabilities of our integrations to connect with your systems. Make sure to talk to this person early on when you are thinking about what data should be used in the software.

Every account gets a free 30 minute consultation, take advantage of this great opportunity!

Email to get your 30 minute consultation on the calendar today.

Account Manager

Interested in changing your plan or adding additional accounts?  Our Account Managers love to help you with creative solutions to whatever you are trying to do!  Let us know how we can help, email to get in touch

Onboarding FAQs

Every new customer gets an activation call to get started on the right foot!

Answer these questions prior to your meeting:

We advise that you use the time in your Activation call to get the most from your Advisor instead of software training.  Here a few things you can do prior to your activation:

At a minimum, we recommend including the Decision Maker and your Align Champion.   

our Align Champion is someone who understands and believes in “why” the software is important to your company’s success.  This person will rally others around the benefits of the software, explain the expected results, and handle objections that come up. The Champion will hold the team accountable to using the software as the organization has deemed appropriate and has the organizational power to enact change. 

Who is the right person? 

Every company has a different structure and it’s important to find the RIGHT person to fit this role.  You can always have multiple people in this role!  Some companies find their CEO or someone from the C-Suite is the best person to lead the change needed in the organization.  We also see companies use this role as a way of giving an up-and-coming leader visibility. 

Who is the wrong person? 

This is not a typical IT heavy technology implementation, the software is a fairly light lift.  The admin work should be spread out to each individual rather than one person handling the data entry. 

The challenging part of the roll out is enacting the change and getting organizational buy-in.  

We do not recommend the champion being an executive assistant or an IT employee. 

I’ve determined the right person, what do I do now? 

In the software, there is an identifying role for your Align Champion.  To set this role, ask the person to navigate to their profile by clicking on their initials in the upper right corner, then go to settings and scroll down to the role.  This will help everyone else in the organization know who they should go to first. 

Introduce your Align Champion to your Customer Success Advisor!  The Align Champion should be the main contact for scheduling trainings and raising a flag when something isn’t going quite right.