My Dashboard is: Your personal hub!  Cut through all of the noise and get to the items you must review every day to hit your targets at the end of the quarter or year.  

Company Dashboard is: The place for the full company to get aligned.  Think about the numbers and priorities the full team should know. Do they know how their individual actions make an impact.  This dashboard gives the overarching direction for the company. 

What’s the difference? Company dashboard is the place to “align” the full company around common numbers and your “My” dashboard helps you prioritize your work based on the strategy you laid out for yourself at the beginning of the quarter. 

Annual Initiative Dashboard is: An overview of your progress to complete your Annual Initiatives.  From this page you can view the priorities that contribute to the initiatives and get a high level view of your company’s strategic goals. 

What can you see on your dashboard? 

Critical Numbers

KPI Cards