Advisor Led Services

Align Advisors have expertise in working with hundreds of executives and teams. We can help with your unique growth path during your first 90 days, after mergers/acquisitions, during high growth years, or whatever your unique case may be. Additional services may be purchased a la carte for accounts on any package level.

How can Align Advisors help?

Align Advising

We’ve seen a lot, let us use our expertise to help you get the most out of the software. 

We’ll spend time with your team using our expertise to help you make progress on your goals.  Your Advisor can help with things like a “Priority Audit” to look at your priorities page and guide you on items that may be better as tasks or critical numbers OR talk through your process for getting priorities finished by the end of the quarter and share some of the best practices we’ve seen work with other companies.  We’re here to help!

$350 for 1 hour with a senior level Advisor

Small Group Training

Technical software training for the team. 

The everyday user of Align will benefit from expert training on the “how to” of Align. Although the software is very user friendly, you may find that human interaction to guide you through your account works best for your business. Great for a train-the-trainer situation, new group employee onboarding, executive team refresh and more!

$199 for 1 hour or $99 for ½ hour 

Onsite Training

Everyone learns differently, bring your advisor onsite to teach the team in person.

Your Align Advisor facilitates a full team training, adopting company-wide habits and using a system to manage growth. They’ll share best practices and tailor the session to your specific business challenges.

$1,500 per day + Travel & Expenses
Local New Orleans area company?  Ask about the local onsite options. 

Integration Setup

Every company is unique in the technology they want to connect, your integration session will help identify which software in your tech stack you want to integrate, which integration works best to do so, and get you started. 

Cost: $199 / 30 minutes
$796 for a pack of 5 (20% discount)

Remember, a complimentary 30 minute integrations consultation is available for every company to get you started, just ask your Advisor. 

Custom Software Rollout Plan

Tame the chaos with a structured software rollout plan that addresses your Company’s unique structure, processes and people. This plan includes 1-2 additional “goals and people” focused conversations with you advisor, a written roll out recommendation, and 1 roll out plan presentation session with your leadership team.

Cost: $1500

Looking for more help?  Try the Premium Services including implementation, intensive unlimited, and period transitions.

Coach’s Assistant

As an Align Customer Success Advisor (CSA), we have helped hundreds of clients onboard and adopt the software to reinforce their good business habits.  Although we are not coaches, we do have a unique perspective and skill set that can differentiate and level up your coaching sessions (or strategic planning sessions).  

Your CSA will enhance your coaching by supporting your efforts and agenda and providing examples of implementation strategies that have worked for other clients. 

In-Person: $1,500 per day + Travel & Expenses – Full Day, In-Person Engagement

Virtual Full Day: $1000/day (7 hrs in 1 day)

Virtual Half Day: $650/day (3 hrs in 1 day)

A typical engagement looks something like this…

Prior to the planning day – Short strategy call between coach, CSA, and CEO/leader of the client team to: 
During Planning:

Eyes and Ears – As the coach, you focus on strategy, facilitation and the culture of the day. Let the Align CSA focus on:

Use the Align Advisor as someone who can be an extra ear during your strategic planning sessions, with the knowledge of best practices in all areas of strategic planning and execution.