Open API

Open API through Google Sheets

Using the Align Technologies Open API ( PDF)

By using the open API provided by Google Sheets and Excel Online and accessible to Align through the Align-Zapier integration, you can update both your Critical Numbers and your Priorities via an API update. 

Remember Align offers native integrations that typically do not require a developer, check those out first!

What do you need to check? 

In the software, both Priorities/OKRs and Critical Numbers can be updated with an integration. However, your app must also expose the relevant data points to pull into the system.  

Check to see:

Confirmed, the right information is exposed.  Now how does it get into Align?

Any custom API integration requires a level of technical developer expertise to complete. Do you have developers available to you to write the code and and maintain this custom integration? 

If not, let us know and we can recommend some companies we’ve worked with in the past.

Align does not do the programming or maintenance for individual company’s API integrations, however, we are happy to support your developers if they have questions once the information is populating into the Google Sheet or Excel Online file.

Looking for a developer to do a custom integration?  Let your advisor know or email We are happy to introduce you to our partners who are familiar with the Align system.