Better Survey Management With Align

Published On: February 15, 20212.3 min read

In this release, we’ve added several new features to better manage surveys in Align! Check out the details below.

Improved Survey Management

Wasting time reminding your team to respond to internal surveys and managing late responses is no fun. You have better things to do in your busy day. We added features to Align Surveys and eNPS Polls to automate these tasks:

  • Schedule automated emails that will remind team members who haven’t responded to a survey yet.

  • Preset a close date for a survey.

  • If you want to know who has responded to a survey and when, you can optionally make this information available. By default, all surveys are still anonymous, and eNPS Polls are always anonymous.

Strengthen Team Communication and Transparency with eNPS

If you haven’t tried Align’s Survey and eNPS features yet, or it’s been awhile, now’s a great time to learn about how they can help improve your team’s communication, transparency and workplace culture.


Check out our blog post on the power of measuring employee engagement to learn more.

Minor Updates

  • The Weekly Huddles Summary Report launched last month now includes a section for Parking Lot items.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the formatting of the Tasks page to break if long urls were included in Task names.
  • Fixed a bug where the meeting day of a Weekly Huddle could not be set to Sunday.
  • Fixed a bug where default Critical Number settings were not being reflected right away on My Dashboard.
  • Fixed rounding errors for Promoter and Detractor calculations on the eNPS results page.
  • Data on the page will be refreshed now if you add something from the Action Button.
  • Historical Values from Rollup Priorities were not always getting recorded when a Child Priority was updated.
  • Changed the positioning of certain section of the OPSP PDF Export to match the Rockefeller Habits template.
  • Long entries in the Cash Acceleration Strategies page now wraps properly on the screen.
  • Non-responses to optional survey questions aren’t included in the responses count anymore.
  • Suggestions that came from eNPS responses now include the eNPS score on the Suggestions page.

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