Daily Dose June 8: “Playing Offense to Capture New Markets (And Keep People Safe)” with LuminUltra CEO Pat Whalen

Published On: June 8, 20201 min read

Amidst the economic chaos of the COVID-19 outbreak, some businesses managed to quickly execute successful pivots. In addition to providing hope for struggling businesses, these stories highlight the rewards that await companies who can effectively put plans into actions. Today we bring you the story of LuminUltra and their CEO Pat Whalen. 

Pat Whalen had worked his way to the top of LuminUltra and built a respected brand focused on molecular biology diagnostic testing. Using Align and the Scaling Up methodology, Pat steered his company during the COVID disruption into a new, emerging market: coronavirus testing. Acting fast, Lumin Ultra quickly emerged as Canada’s leading source for COVID-19 tests, landing a contract to provide 500,000 tests per week to the government of Canada. 

Their story is one of hope, decisive action, and flawless execution. Their actions are helping to save lives across Canada. We’re thrilled to be able to bring you their story in the hopes that their ability to execute to serve new needs and capture new markets may inspire other companies looking to pivot their business and make an impact. 

Learn more about Lumin Ultra: https://www.luminultra.com/

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