Empower Your Front-Line Employees with Information

Published On: July 13, 20222.4 min read

If the 2020’s have taught us anything it’s that front line workers are the real MVPs of a business.

Front line workers are just as responsible as management for ensuring steps are being taken to reach your business objectives, and perhaps they play the most impactful role in strategy execution. You know that your front-line employees matter, but how can you leverage their strengths and be sure to provide them with tools and resources they need to succeed? It starts with motivation.

Motivate Your Team

Top business leaders use visibility and transparency to motivate their teams. It’s easy for employees to feel separated from the ‘real’ progress of the business if they are just blindly completing tasks assigned to them with minimal context or measurements to show progress. By making KPIs visible to everyone on your staff, you give them ownership of their part in your company’s success. Being able to look at the numbers and see that my everyday actions, which may seem small, are actually making huge waves in the advancement of the company, will keep your employees motivated to work hard to keep those numbers in the green.

Critical Numbers vs KPIs – How Does Data Play a Role?

While seeing the top 5 Critical Numbers is useful to my front-line workers, it does not provide all data needed to motivate in all areas. Viewing KPIs for a variety of teams and specializations enables you to connect the dots between your tasks and priorities, and ultimately your goals. While a critical number may show that revenue is up this month, a KPI measuring the number of units produced, for example, may show that you are actually behind for this month.

Saving Time with KPIs

Making KPIs visible to front-line workers also alleviates the need for management communication of those figures. Full KPI visibility eliminates the need for extra meetings to discuss why numbers aren’t being met so you can spend more time on your goals. If KPIs are visible to all employees, then employees can pivot execution strategy before the problem is even noticed by management. Essentially, visibility leads to motivation, which leads to adjustments, which leads to fewer issues and more time available for bigger things.

Does Visibility lead to Accountability?

For a front-line worker, micro-management can actually decrease motivation. No one wants someone standing over their shoulder and telling them every little thing they’re doing wrong. With the Align KPI Dashboard, employees can measure their work against these KPIs and adjust as needed to meet goals and deadlines, instead of having meetings with managers to go over numbers and progress status to keep on track. If your team has access to the information they need to do their jobs well, then they are set up for success.

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