Upcoming Coach Webinar: “How to Conduct a Successful Strategic Planning Session” with Jennifer Faught

Published On: October 22, 20191.5 min read

For Align’s November coach webinar, we’re focusing on a topic front of mind for CEOs as we approach the year’s end, “How to Conduct a Successful Strategic Planning Session”.

We’ve enlisted the help of Jennifer Faught, Executive Coach at Petra Coach, who brings the experience of helping numerous growing firms complete quarterly and annual planning sessions that drive success.

In this webinar, Jennifer will cover how to bring excitement and focus to your planning process, and how to get your whole team aligned behind goals to drive quarterly, annual, and long-term success!

The webinar will be held over Zoom video conferencing on November 12th, 2019 at 10 AM and will include time for Q&A on any strategic planning related questions. 

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About Jennifer Faught

Jennifer Faught is a coach and entrepreneur who brings a quiet intensity to helping people align intentional action with beliefs. She spent the past five years coaching creative business owners on how to scale their companies while simultaneously building a nationwide online learning platform for business owners. Jennifer has served on the leadership team for a family-owned SaaS and IT business as well as a venture-backed healthcare company. As an entrepreneur, she launched a graphic design business and sold her learning platform, which grew over 450% in four years. Jennifer excels at filtering out noise to create clear and actionable ideas and strategies. She thrives in building processes, workflows, and systems while moving quickly and easily from strategic planning to execution. Learn more about Jennier from the video below or connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn


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