Huddle Customization Features

Published On: March 4, 20211.4 min read

We have seen the incredible power and impact that a consistent meeting rhythm can have on a team. As a result, we’ve been focusing on Huddles functionality within our software.

In our most recent software release, we’ve added new features that will make your meetings more customizable and effective.


Add agendas to your Huddles so participants come prepared for a crisp, efficient meeting. You can create default agendas that repeat for every Huddle instance, and then customize the agenda for a single meeting if plans change.

Custom Sections

Add as many custom text sections to your Huddles as you want. You can use these sections to make sure that participants come to the meeting prepared with the exact information you need. Text Sections can be added in the Team portion of your Huddle (these will appear at the top of the Huddle and shared by all participants) or in the Individual portion of your Huddle (so each participant can enter their own information).


Section Ordering

Now you can set the order of the sections of your Huddle. Use this feature to make sure the most important information is covered first. The Team and Individual portions of the Huddle can be ordered separately.


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