Drive Strategic Success With a KPI Dashboard

Published On: March 7, 20182.8 min read

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the metrics used to track the health of a company’s strategic goals. Will we finish the project on time? What does our sales pipeline say about our revenue six months from now? These are important questions your organization needs to ask. Employees need up-to-date, on-demand access to KPI data, or else managing the success of team goals becomes either a guessing game or an after-the-fact realization. Clearly articulating the strategic focus within an organization can begin with a KPI Dashboard.

The Benefits of a KPI Dashboard

Your team is working hard, and everyone feels like they’re making fantastic progress. Team members think they’re on track to meet their stated goals, but they’re not 100% sure. Sound familiar?

Many companies of all sizes have trouble accurately tracking whether they will meet their business goals. Reporting on data can be time-consuming, and busy team members might allow it to go by the wayside when they focus more on the execution side of the business.

These communication issues and lack of data visibility can hugely affect your company’s strategic execution in the long run. If you find out that you’re far away from your targets at the last minute, it can be extremely difficult to catch up and get to where your team needs to be. This leads to undue stress and disorganization as your team scrambles to up their numbers and meet their projections on time.

Companies that don’t have a KPI Dashboard in place usually see higher levels of disorganization and decreased productivity.

Don’t blindly begin executing your strategic plan without a way to measure success.

Using a KPI dashboard connects your strategic planning to your team’s daily habits. Unambiguous, transparent metrics enforces personal accountability.  It allows employees at all levels of your organization to appreciate how their day-to-day activities contribute to the company’s vision, where they might be falling short, and how success is trending over time.

Align Connects Your KPI Tracking, Strategic Planning and Daily Team Communication

Align’s new KPI Dashboard feature allows you and your team to transparently track KPI progress in all areas.

Some of the benefits the Align KPI dashboard provide are:

  • Connects your KPIs to your broader company strategy
  • Plugs your KPIs into your daily meeting rhythm
  • Holds each team member accountable to his/her metrics
  • Shows trends over time, allowing you to anticipate pitfalls down the road or to capitalize now on momentum

For companies that employ the Rockefeller Habits business methodologies, you know that your data is extremely important. While sure, you can use Excel spreadsheets and other data-collection resources, why make life harder on yourself and your employees?

Instead, try using a KPI Dashboard to access your info quickly and give all employees a comprehensive look at how well they’re doing.

Align is also a great tool for consolidating your KPI tracking if you’re using the OKR Management framework. We talk about the relationship between the two here.

If you don’t have a great handle on your KPIs, your team might not even realize that they’re falling behind. Use a KPI Dashboard to keep your team accountable and ensure that you meet your business goals.

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