New Action Button and Critical Numbers Integration

Published On: August 14, 20201.5 min read

Get more automation and ease of use from this month’s new updates and improvements, including an easy to use action button, and a new integration for Critical Numbers.

Action Button

  • Quickly create and update priorities, tasks, huddles and users with the “action button” in the top navigation without leaving your current page.

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 2.44.16 PM-1

Critical Numbers Integration

  • Use the Zapier Integration to update your critical numbers automatically from your organization’s unique range of software through excel, google sheets or email parser.
  • All accounts have access to the new Zapier integration, to get started, click here.
  • Look out for upcoming webinars and how-to emails. To learn how to connect some of the most requested apps now, click here.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 2.52.39 PM

General App Updates

  • Critical Number Charts will now be displayed in huddles.
  • New ability to Copy Critical Numbers to the next period while in Huddles.
  • Team Critical Numbers can now be reordered within Huddles.
  • Upon creation of a new company, the OPSP will now default to useful one-year target suggestions such as Revenue, Profit, and Average A/R Days.
  • Updated the “Select Priority Status” section of the edit priority drawer to an easier to use tab selection.
  • Improved Parking Lot section in huddles to reduce load times by loading most recently updated first.
  • Bug: Fixed loader icon to ensure proper loading of Critical Numbers in Huddles
  • Bug: Fixed bug in which users of multiple companies needed to log out and log back in to open the correct account.

Mobile Updates

  • Numeric keyboard opens by default when updating priorities.
  • New ability to change user-driven priority status from the mobile dashboard.
  • Default to weekly huddle view when the user is not in a daily huddle.

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