New Reports to Increase Visibility

Published On: January 22, 20212.5 min read

In this release, we’ve added a Weekly Huddles summary report and a Weekly Summary Performance email for admins. Check out the details below.

Weekly Huddles Summary Report

You’ll now see a new selection on the Reports page called “Weekly Huddles Summary.” Use this report to create a digest of participants’ updates from previous meetings, review meetings you missed, and look for trends over time.

To generate your report, first select the date range of meetings, as well as the Huddles you want included. You can also filter the report contents toward a specific person.

The report will include all participants’ meeting updates from each standard text section included in your Huddle (What’s Up, Good News and Need Help).

Weekly Summary Performance Email

This new email notification is available to all admins and is a great way to review your team’s topline performance. When turned on, this email will be sent on Monday mornings, so you can quickly digest goal progress at the start of each week. The email includes the following sections:

Current Status of Company Priorities:

Annual Initiatives for the Current Period:

Company Critical Number Status and Week-Over-Week Changes:

Company Performance Metrics:

To activate this email, go to your Profile and turn it on in the “Alert Settings” section:

Once the email is turned on, you will also get the option to also include an “Individual Performance” section. If turned on, a portion of the email will also include individual breakdowns of performance for each member of your team.

Minor Updates

  • Refreshing the OPSP page in your browser will now return you to the same Period and Company/Team plan.
  • Refreshing the Huddles pages in your browser will now return you to the same Huddle and meeting instance.
  • Fixed a bug related to searching for Associated Priorities when creating a Task whose due date falls outside any Period.
  • The content of the Brand Promises section was getting cut off on the OPSP PDF Export if there were too many items.
  • Users were unable to delete Huddles whose Team OPSPs had Priority-Initiative connections.
  • The Coach summary email was using incorrect label names for Task-Driven, User Status Company Priorities.

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