Webinar Recap “Unleashing the Accelerating Power of Alignment” with Dave Ramos

Published On: June 26, 20192.1 min read

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Full video from our webinar with Dave can be found here

Dave Ramos has seen the inner workings of a lot of different companies. After holding executive positions with global leaders like Nortel Networks, where he was the Vice President of Global Marketing, and IBM, where Dave won the company’s highest award, The Golden Circle, for excellence in sales, he was employee #13 at Answer Logic, a venture-backed start-up. Since then he has consulted for start-ups, associations, think-tanks, non-profits, and leaders in a wide array of industries.

Having worked with so many different enterprises, Dave endeavored to understand the most critical factor to an organization’s success. In 2018, he studied over 300 companies and interviewed over 100 CEOs. He came to the conclusion that alignment is the ultimate competitive advantage. He compiled the findings in a new book called Drive One Direction: How to Unleash the Accelerating Power of Alignment.

For our June Webinar, Dave, now CEO of SHIFTPOINTS consulting, joined us to discuss the critical first steps in his research: defining and measuring Alignment.

After struggling to find a single definition for organizational alignment, Dave developed his own: “Alignment an optimal state where everyone—and everything—is externally aligned with market realities, vertically aligned with corporate priorities, and horizontally aligned to leverage the full resources of the company to win.”

To measure alignment, Dave has created a proprietary survey tool, The Corporate Alignment Percentage (TM), which he sees as an NPS of corporate alignment. Additionally, Dave asserts that the cost to your business of poor alignment can be calculated by the formula Pay Roll time (1- your Corporate Alignment PercentageTM.

Dave believes that as Alignment is a complex, multidimensional problem, solving it requires a sophisticated, integrated solution. While this solution must be unique to the organization’s specific needs, the results are almost universally positive.

Dave’s research led him to conclude that highly aligned companies grow faster than their misaligned companies. Companies like Ford, Starbucks, and Microsoft all doubled their stock prices after implementing a “One-Company” campaign.

According to Dave, “Alignment creates speed.” And that, says Dave, is the accelerating power of alignment.

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For additional information, see this handout from Dave: SHIFTPOINTS-Alignment-101. 

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