Scheduling Huddles Just got easier with Cadences

Published On: September 16, 20210.9 min read

With our latest release Huddles just got better. Now scheduling your huddles is even easier with the addition of Cadences.

We understand the power of huddles and have heard from our users that they want more flexibility for other meetings that they are having. That’s why we added the ability to change the huddle cadences.


With Cadences we’ve added 4 new scheduling options for even more customization and to make sure you get the most out of your huddles.

Now you can choose from:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every other week
  • Monthly (day of the week)
  • Monthly (day of the month)

Got a group that meets on the 2nd Thursdays of every month? Check

Have a monthly board that meets on the 15th of every month? Got it.

Have a team that’s working on a project and meets every Thursday? No problem.

Have a daily huddle but you and the team are off on Fridays? Friyay!

With Huddle Cadences you are in full control of when you and your team meet. We think you are going to love the new customization options.

See it in in Action




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