September Webinar Recap: “Alignment: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage” with Dave Ramos

Published On: September 11, 20191 min read


For our September coach webinar, Dave Ramos returned to present learnings from the final part 

As CEO of SHIFTPOINTS Strategy Coaching, Dave has worked with a wide range of firms looking to build a culture of alignment. For his most recent book, Dave interviewed 100 CEOs who found success by unifying their organization behind a single strategic vision. 

In Part 1 of the series, “Unleashing the Accelerating Power of Alignment”, Dave broke down how to quantify an organization’s alignment and measure its impact. In Part 2 of the series, “The Twelve Accelerators of Alignment”, Dave shared the factors he considers most critical for getting an organization all moving in the same direction. 

For Part Three, Dave discussed what he calls the “Twelve Disciplines of Alignment”, best practices companies can utilize when improving the strategic focus of their business. 

Notes on the twelve factors can be found here: Speed-Reading-The-Twelve-Disciplines

Full video may also be seen below:


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