Upcoming Align Webinar: “How to Improve Visibility and Transparency with Our New Features”

Published On: October 15, 20192.5 min read

by Emmy German, Align Advisor. Emmy will be hosting webinars on October 22nd and 23rd to discuss Align’s new team features. 

We can all agree that simply telling workers “what” they need to do is not as effective as helping them understand the “why” behind what they need to do. And yet, company strategy is normally a taboo topic, reserved for only the top executives to determine and monitor. Align’s team features were designed to help you expand strategy execution to more of your organization, while still allowing you the opportunity to have complete control over visibility rights to specific goals as deemed necessary.

When you involve your entire team in setting your strategic direction and encourage your employees to be goal-oriented rather than merely task-oriented, you allow for a unified and productive organization. Transparency and visibility into company-wide goals helps your employees to understand the “why” behind their day today. 

Over the past 2 years of working at Align, I have met with hundreds of business leaders and their teams to help create focus around the opportunities in your business and enter them as priorities into Align. I always recommend company-wide transparency and visibility in order to see the full effects of how our growth methodology can change their businesses.  With that comes a fully organized cascading structure of quarterly initiatives for the entire team. That said, there is always a thin line between fueling productivity through transparency, and distancing focus from the real goal by making too much information available to individual contributors. This is why I was particularly excited about Align’s most recent product release of teams and tags features.

The team features emphasize the effectiveness of a trusting and open work environment while allowing certain goals to be either organized or hidden by team and department. They allow for the major cultural impact and the positives of an empowered workforce while ensuring that each team is still focused on what they need to. 

I am thrilled at the opportunity to share the ins and outs of the new team features next week over a live webinar during which I will respond to all your questions. There are two different time and day options to accommodate the largest number of our users. 

Next week, you can expect to hear all about why, when, and how you can utilize Align’s new features. 

You are now able to:

  1. Create One Page Strategic Plans for each team, department or location
  2. Create sets of 5 critical numbers for each team, department or location
  3. Filter priorities and tasks by team to organize goals and initiatives by group
  4. Secure priorities and tasks by team to focus on what matters
  5. Tag priorities, tasks, and huddles to search for one goal at a time

During the webinar, we will take a deep dive into how you can set teams up in your account to start executing better, faster, and smarter NOW.

Register for one of these two webinar sessions at the link below: 

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