Visualize Your Strategy with the Annual Initiatives Dashboard

Published On: September 17, 20201 min read

We’re excited to launch the new Annual Initiatives Dashboard. This view helps everyone on your team gain perspective on how their day-to-day activities are impacting long-term company goals, makes strategic planning objectives more transparent throughout the year and lets leadership get a snapshot of goal performance over time


Annual Initiatives Dashboard

  • The dashboard breaks down Annual Initiatives by Priorities period over period. Associate a Priority to one or more Initiatives to view them in the dashboard:
    You can also search for previously-completed Initiatives, and export your data to a PDF to review offline.

    Minor Updates

    • Improved certain email alerts by making the reply-to address more user-friendly

      • Company Invite emails is now the user who created the invite

      • Coach creation emails is now the coach

      • “Your Stuck Has a Comment” emails is now the person who made the comment

      • “A Task You Created Has Been Completed” emails is now the person who completed the Task

    • Users will be able to add comments on Priorities from the Mobile App

    • You can now associate Tasks directly to Priorities from different Periods, based on the Task Due Date


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