Webinar Recap: “Conducting Successful Strategic Planning with Your Virtual Team” with Andy Clayton

Published On: May 12, 20201.3 min read

Replacing in-person strategy sessions is critical during a time of rapid disruption. Planning has taken on additional weight as “staying the course” has become impossible. Adding to that challenge, leaders must now master new tools and adapt structure for teams working from home.

Our May coach webinar features planning expert Andy Clayton from Petra Coach Europe, who’s helped numerous companies adapt their approach to planning for the realities of changing markets and workforces. On this webinar Andy shared the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual planning meeting and the exact how-to guide for ensuring its success.

Andy shares the tools, tips, and structure for uncovering overlooked growth opportunities and aligning your team behind strategy with effective remote planning. Andy specifically covers the experiences of a few exemplar companies he’s seen use smart strategic planning to pivot and grow their businesses during disruption. 

About Andy Clayton

Andy leads Petra Coach Europe, the UK’s leading Scaling Up coaching company, helping entrepreneurs and high-growth companies to develop and deliver high-growth strategies. Prior to this, Andy was a successful entrepreneur, founding, growing and selling LNP China, the UK’s largest China Operations outsourcing agency, helping Western companies to operate over £50m of sales in China. Andy is a long-time member of EO – the Entrepreneurs Organisation – the worlds’ #1 tribe of entrepreneurs, where he leads some of the top global training programs. Oxford-educated, Andy lives in Oxford with his wife and children and enjoys distance running and supporting autistic causes. 

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