Webinar Recap – Build an Aligned and Accountable Team

Published On: May 20, 20222.2 min read

Charlie Janes, CEO of Agile Customer Engagement and a FocalPoint business coach, led a webinar about best strategies for aligning your team members and keeping them accountable.

Charlie identified low employee engagement as one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today. A study by Gallup found that 85% of employees are actively disengaged at work. You are probably familiar with the “great resignation” trend which has played a huge role since the pandemic, as more Americans are quitting their jobs at a rapid rate. Not only is turnover expensive, it can be detrimental to a business’ ability to serve customers adequately. 

Statistically, companies with disengaged workers face more problems as Charlie reported: they experience higher risk in the forms of higher absenteeism, more accidents, more errors, etc. These shortcomings end up having a larger organizational impact as the domino effect kicks into gear.

If so many workers are quitting their jobs, why are they unhappy in the first place? The pandemic has undoubtedly influenced employee engagement, as we’ve learned that it’s harder to engage employees in a remote or hybrid workplace. This is why it’s more important than ever to hire and retain engaged employees.

Business leaders can start doing that by prioritizing culture. Here are three of Charlie’s suggestions for maximizing your organizational culture:

  1. Surveys

Poll your employees and track the responses. Charlie recommends Align’s eNPS tool which enables you to send a one-question survey to your team members on a recurring basis and collects their feedback anonymously. The software then turns the results into a trackable metric.

  1. Communicate Values

According to Charlie, “Values are the principles that enable employees to make decisions when you’re not there to tell them what to do.” It’s essential that your company goals and strategies are reflective of your core values. Values should also be reviewed often to ensure they are reflective of your company and are being practiced effectively.

  1. Use Assessments

Assessments and strength finders can boost your team tremendously. They can teach you things you would not have otherwise known about your employees, and help you identify their strengths and design an effective team structure.

Charlie concluded with his five recommendations for driving recruitment, retention, and alignment. To hear him explain them in detail, check out the full recording!


  1. Invest in low/mid level employees
  2. Invest in skills and career talent training
  3. Develop an effective coaching culture
  4. Create a One Page Strategic Plan
  5. Automate alignment and accountability with software like Align

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