Webinar Recap – Doing More with Data: Introducing KPI Cards

Published On: July 26, 20221.6 min read

What is a KPI Card?

A KPI Card is a visual representation of a measurement of a Quarterly Priority, Critical Number, One Page Strategic Plan Quarterly Target, or a Metric. We emphasize the importance of having a single source of truth to drive your strategic plan, and KPI Cards help Align become that single source. KPI Cards build upon your plans for strategic execution by giving your team easy access to all important data and its many parts.

When we solve problems at Align, we always start with the “why.” KPI Cards will solve multiple pain points for coaches and executives by providing universal benefits for ease and functionality within the software. We created KPI Cards to promote data-driven functionality, transparency and visibility, and serve as an alignment implementation tool for business teams. 

KPIs for Executive Teams

Executive teams can improve efficiency in meetings by making information readily available to all team members before the meeting. This saves time and eliminates the part of the meeting where everyone shares their data and debriefs, while also motivating team members to arrive prepared.

KPIs for Sales Teams

Perhaps the best thing about KPIs is that they can be customized and narrowed down to reflect any department in your business. For example, sales teams can run their pipeline meetings straight from Align by tracking sales-driven metrics and having those numbers available in their personalized sales dashboard.

Where can you use KPI Cards in Align?

  • My Dashboard
  • Company Dashboard
  • Huddles (Meetings)

When leveraged correctly, KPIs can be a game changer for your business. When your Plan A fails and you fall short on your goals, you can always go back to your trusted data and begin to restructure your plan from there.

Be sure to check out our free KPI resources and let us know how you plan to use KPI Cards! 

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