Webinar Recap: “How Leaders Can Unlock Digital Transformation, Remain Relevant and Avoid Disruption” with KK Diaz”

Published On: October 9, 20202.2 min read


Can digital transformation support the pivotal growth of your business? The answer, says July Webinar Presenter KK Diaz, is an unequivocal ‘YES’. Over 80% of business leaders who were surveyed agree they need to digitally innovate at a rapid pace to grow and maintain a competitive edge.

KK cites an EY report released in March 2020 which surveyed 500 large corporations and 70 startups in nine sectors, claims that companies who are considered digital transformation top performers are:

 50% more likely to see EBITDA increase by more than 15%
 45% more likely to unlock annual revenue growth of more than 10%
 26% more likely to enjoy annual gross profit increase by more than 10%

For his webinar this month, KK posed the critical question, “If the benefits of digital transformation are obvious, especially to overcome Covid-19 pandemic related disruption, why is it that most organizations still drag their feet to initiate or accelerate their efforts in this regards?”

The need to rebuild our companies and economies post the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is non-negotiable, says KK. Digital transformation provides the strategy and tools required to overcome disruption and to stimulate growth in the digital age.

Check out the full video recording below!

KK’s 5 Step Process to Digital Transformation

KK laid out his process for developing successful digital transformation strategy to power growth through disruption. KK emphasizes the importance of “starting with why” and building stakeholder buy-in early in the process. More information on this process can be found in KK’s digital transformation Ebook THRIVE

1. Define a purpose to inspire your digital transformation journey

2. Engage important staff and partners for buy-in and support

3. Innovate a compelling value proposition and forwardlooking business mode

4. Formulate a digital transformation strategy

5. Implement, measure and optimise your digital transformation strategy

About KK Diaz

KK Diaz is a business strategist, digital transformation consultant, marketer and author of 5 books. He is CEO of A-Game Business, a consultancy that helps businesses around the world to drive digital transformation that improves business performance, customer experiences and increases brand equity. KK Diaz is also the originator of the methodology and author of The A-Game Business Blueprint – a multifaceted approach and collaborative ecosystem designed to help small to medium businesses achieve 10X-Growth. As a philanthropist, for 12 years now he devotes his spare time to E4+C (Entrepreneurs For Positive Change), a collective of entrepreneurs who donate their time and efforts to supporting disadvantaged communities and Non-Profits to grow. Clients he’s worked with include Iron Mountain, Sasol, Henley Business School, Anglo Zimele, MacRobert Attorneys, The Da Vinci Institute, Distinctive Group, Dell Financial Services, Oracle, The JHB Chamber, Workshop 17, BMGlobal, and many others.

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