Webinar Recap: “Sales Reinvigorated: Extending Your Strategic Plan to the Customer Journey” with Rich Scott

Published On: August 26, 20202.3 min read

Sales Expert and Strategy Coach Rich Scott joined Align’s August coach webinar to share proven strategies for adapting sales practices for a transformed customer journey. As organizations develop Strategic plans to thrive in the “new normal”, Rich covered how to connect your values and mission to your customer’s journey when selling.

Rich shared actionable ideas and client case studies for reinvigorating your sales and creating trust during a time of uncertainty for businesses and consumers alike. Whether you’re looking to revive a pipeline dried up after a socially distanced summer or capture new markets, Rich’s webinar will have applicable advice for you!

The Customer Journey Staircase

For Rich, effectively cultivating the customer journey follows a similar structure as strategic planning. Good strategy lays out the direction you wish to take to get from point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be). Tactics comprise the intermediate steps along the way from A to B.

Similarly with sales, Rich says sales strategy should seek to develop brand champions from prospects. Along the way, he describes, are a a series of tactics, the Sales Staircase (worksheet), that nurture the prospect to client and client to champion relationship. An outline of the staircase goes as follows:


1. Choose your best prospects based on an analysis of current best clients

2. Connect with your prospects where they are

3. Converse to build awareness and trust


4. Confirm that you offer a relevant solution

5. Clarify any questions or concerns and why they

6. Create a collaboration on the right options

Follow Up

7. Commence the relationship by providing early value

8. Continue to foster loyalty with exceptional service

9. Champion the collaboration with customers’ help

About Rich Scott

Rich is a leading FocalPoint Certified Business Coach, international trainer and presenter. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced sales and marketing professional. He has the ability to analyze the challenges and opportunities within organizations and then work with clients to develop and execute plans that immediately start to produce meaningful changes and results. He is the founder of Clarity Business Strategies Inc. which is the 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 global winner for FocalPoint’s “Coaching Practice of the Year”. He is the 2012 finalist and 2011 global winner for the “Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence” and is the 2012 and 2010 global winner of the “Campbell Fraser Coaching Excellence Award” for top client satisfaction. When he isn’t working with clients, Richard enjoys skiing, riding, running and soccer. He has been married to his wife Tricia for over 23 years. They have two children and in live in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

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