Webinar Recap: “The Great Pivot: How to Keep up with the Increasing Speed of Business” with Kerrie Hoffman

Published On: October 27, 20201.5 min read

Digital Growth expert Kerrie Hoffman joined Align for our October Coach webinar on keeping up with the seismic change in the business world.

As economies transform due to COVID-19, digital transformation, and political turmoil, only leaders who adapt quickly to meet this increasing pace of change will find success in the coming decade.

A serial entrepreneur and expert in digital strategy, Kerrie brings extensive domain knowledge and proven best practices for improving organizational agility and resilience.

In this webinar, Kerrie lays out her framework for addressing digital change and answer questions like:

  • Why have we left the Industrial Age and what comes next?
  • What does this change mean for business leaders?
  • Why is it important for companies to achieve “Digital Velocity”?
  • Why does the digital flow of business require “Digital Operations”?
  •  What is “Extreme Customer Centricity”?

Watch a full recording below:

About Kerrie Hoffman

Kerrie Hoffman is a Business Transformation and Human Potential Expert specializing in business growth and Digital business. She is Co-founder and Principal for Get Digital Velocity, working with large enterprises to accelerate the move to frictionless business. In addition, Kerrie is CEO and Owner of a FocalPoint Business Coaching Practice, working with small and mid-size companies as a Certified Business Coach and DigitalAdvisor. As a freelancer, Kerrie is Lead Strategist for The Congruity Group and keynote speaker at Industry venues.

With over 30 years of experience with large Enterprises in multiple Industries, Kerrie has worked in a variety of roles including Divisional CIO, Operations, Supply Chain and Sales. Her previous employers include Aurora Health Care, Johnson & Johnson and Johnson Controls. Kerrie is active in the community as a Board member for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin South East, Member of Technology United, a United Way Donor Network .

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